Boomer or Cyprian in long run - who deserves trap tools?


Yes - these two are my only purple heroes. I have 6 trap tools at my disposal right now.

I see riposte as a useful but limited defence mechanism for a tank - if dispelled it does nothing. Boomer ability has dealt some limited AOE damage at least.

Or should I just wait for better purple to pop up and put double red in defence?

I have seen defence teams sporting 4/70 Boomer as tank.- my other strong heros so far are Boril, Scarlett, Kestrel, Drake Fong, Chao, Gregorian, Peters and Gormek and i while upgrading I have favoured solid attack teams more than perfect defence.


It would probably be best to wait for a better purple hero (almost any other one would be better tbh).


My first reaction was, “none of the above.” Literally any other purple 4* or 5* will be an improvement. Whether you’re willing to wait, though, should be balanced against how often you

  • get 4*+ heroes (are you running TC20? How many? How big is your monthly budget?), and
  • get rare mats (are you getting Titan loot tier IX or above?)

I’m not asking that you share this info, but only to think about it. If you’ve got Atlantis coins for a summons or two in a couple of days, I’d at least wait for that. Proteus is a Grade A hero, and even odd Ameonna would be a distinct improvement over Boomer or Cyprian.

Between those two I lean slightly towards Boomer. At least you get some active damage, and his defense against Holy can be situationally useful (like against Holy titans).


* get 4*+ heroes (are you running TC20? How many? How big is your monthly budget?), and

SH level 18 so none…monthly budget is about 12-15 EUR (VIP pass + monthly bargain gem deal) I could afford more but I would like to work with heroes I have first and then do more summons.

* get rare mats (are you getting Titan loot tier IX or above?)

Tier VI-VIII we fight 5-7 star titans. BTW I have 6 trap tools and 0 (zero) Orbs so game is really showing that purple and yellow are opposing colours

PS. I dont really like the fish style of season 2 - maybe season 1 heros would need diving gear or at least sexy swimsuits to fit nicely together with season two fish :sunny:


No one seems to care for cyprian but ive had nothing but awesome results from him. Hes been my front man/tank for months. Of course theres better but for a good tank to get you to the point to where youre battling full 5 * teams and winning half of those battles, Deathbound Lord is your man.


I agree with @ Elric on Cyprian. He has his some usefulness. Against event/quest bosses who do heavy damage and against offensively focused raid/war defenses hes awesome. He was my first and only 4* purple many months and really grew to love perfect repost.

But even with that being said, Id wait till after the Atlantis event. You should at a minimum be able to get a summon or two with the atlantis coins. I know Proteus looks weird… hes a weird fishy thing sure, but he’s a great hero. Maybe I just like weird fishy things :slight_smile:

-Ackbar Bait


I know it will hit me once you say it, but what does AOE stand for or what’s the meaning?


i use cyprian since few weeks, just aside of kashrekk in defense team. i bring him too on strong quest ( event for exemple )

i think every hero get his place at the right time in the good place :vulcan_salute:

boomer is great VS holy ennemies/titan, but low jauge. easy if you can feed him with a super mana flask…but random in raids.

for sure, if he’s dispelled…he’s useless…but i find him pretty nice. strong HP, good def. and average mana.

pray for tiburtus in TC20, offensive regular 4* purple heroes aren’t legion…proteus is a good one but so hard tp drop with RNG once per month…don’t spend your money in atlant portal ( if you have coins that’s great ), use your time in TC, maybe you’ll drop Obakan, Domitia or Quintus…:sunglasses:

of course it’s my opinion


Area of Effect. Generally used in this game to mean your heroes special ability hit the entire team like Boomer does.



$.02 on Cyprian …

Early in the game he is good on defense. (As you get higher cups, all your opponents will have dispelling heroes, becoming easy to kill.)

He is challenging (and hit-or-miss) to use offensively.

Later in the game, he can be very effective as part of a team against really hard hitting bosses and AoE heroes offensively, killing them off when they hit. Especially if you have powerful healersto kerp hit heroes alive.

He won’t be a favorite, but he does have a place you can use him.


Since you’re talking the long run, here’s how you could look at that:

In the long run you’ll get much better purples than Boomer and Cyprian. So just pick the one you’d like to work with for now.

In the long run you’ll find much more trap tools. So don’t worry too much spending them. Just pick the one you’d like to work with for now.

Given your mindset I’d go for Boomer, because he’ll be the most fun for you, since you like actively doing damage. And because you know you’ll get a better purple sometime, but whether that’s soon or not you don’t know.

AoE damage is something you can work with all the time, just not that well with titans. It’ll synergyize with Gormek. It’s useful in defense as well, because the AI can’t deal AoE damage stupidly - it can deal single /three target damage stupidly.

If your focus is on titans, then Cyprian is a better bet. Still you’ve already got Boril. If you need riposte, Boril is your ma… errr dwarf.


I agree with @Bertus. Riposte has a place, but Cyprian doesn’t have the stat line to support it well—not bulky enough. Boril is really good with Riposte—I got through my first Guardians relying on him vs Guardian Kong, who shreds himself on Boril’s Riposte. His extra HP really carries him in that role.


Cyprian is not a great defender although he is widely used, he is however very useful in events. Riposte can really wreck havoc on bosses you may not otherwise be able to beat. He can be used then charge the AOE attack boss, reflect damage, heal, repeat.


Thank you @Ackbarbait, for answering. I appreciate it


Cyprian is aa good hero, he was my first 4 star and I really like him, he looks so cool and his special is very useful in events, raids, wars and even Titans. Boomer is just… meh… to say the less… an unspired hero… he looks bad, his special is garbage and so that holy defense buff. Cyprian all the way man, he is your man.