Better summons from more Atlantis coins

Going OT here so @zephyr1 @Kerridoc may want to split it out if necessary.

Lots of people complaining about the pull system, but how would people actually ‘fix it’?

As has been pointed, out all pulls are good in the early days but as you progress in the game the number of heroes that will actually improve your roster and be of benefit to you decreases.

So, you go from every 10 pull giving you something you can use to several 10 pulls bringing nothing but very expensive feeders… The phrase ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ springs to mind :smile:

For SG it’s a lose/lose situation IMO.

I’ve played other games where instead of heroes being pulled at random, you purchase specific heroes with tokens.

For example, instead of 100 Atlantis tokens for a random pull you could instead have a purchase list as follows

  • 100 tokens = 1 random 3*, 4* or 5* hero
  • 500 tokens = 1 random 4* or 5* hero
  • 1,000 tokens = 1 random 5* hero
  • 2,000 tokens = 1 random 5* Fire hero
  • 2,000 tokens = 1 random 5* Ice hero
  • …repeat for each colour
  • 5,000 tokens = 1 5* hero of your choice(These heroes were typically only available for a limited period, so one week it may be Guin, the next GM , the next Hel which I assume was to limit how many A+ rated heroes suddenly appeared in game)

On paper that may sound great but, in the other games I played with those sort of economies, the F2P players suffered even more.

Yes, the advantage in E&P is always going to be with the big cash players but we’ve known those handful of lucky F2P players who seem to get all the ascension mat drops and pull all the HOTM’s with just a single summon so there is at least a hope you can compete if your just lucky enough.

With a purchase system like that the big cash players really can just buy the perfect team, rather than just buy ‘more chances’ to get the perfect team.

So, how would people actually like to see hero purchasing in the game work in a way that is realistic and doesn’t just flood the game with A+ rated 5* heroes?

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i fully agree and have been kn games like this. here you have a choice of what kind of player you wanna be and jnderstand odds and knowing that its a grind rushing is pointless. takeing time to learn the game and chatacters will benefit more than spend spend spend so i can run mono every war and still rage out when i lose cause i have spent!!!

I think that the “thrill factor” will naturally decline for players over time (as in all games when you have achieved a lot already) And all players will get to a point where chasing 5 :star: is where it’s at.
Having said that, the fairness of random means you have the same chance of good luck as everyone else and the same chance of bad luck. Some people will have incredible luck and some will have incredible bad luck.
The really good news is, there is very little that cannot be achieved in this game with the right team of fully leveled 4 :star:. This involves a little more brain power to make up for the lower team power, and is therefore arguably more fun.
4 :star: are available at odds that make them available to all budgets. You might not get the one you want, or as quickly as you want, but with patience, you will get 4 :star:
The only thing you need 5 :star: for is defence teams and even then only if you want to play around in the top 100, a state of being that rarely lasts longer than going off line to make a cup of coffee.

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