Best place for aoe heroes

I met in battle lately the slow hero justice.

I wasnt afraid untill the i almost finished the enemy team and he shot his special. At this point most of my team was alive but ingured. The aoe was shot and most of my heroes died.

So maybe this is the best place for slow aoe heroes. At the side lurking in the shadows he will wait until the heat is in and to wipe the whole board.

What do you think?

I disagree. Many times when I attack someone like that, I have wiped his team without his slow hero ever firing his special. I think they should be in the tank position so the tiles trigger their special.


Depends on stats too. Azlar has decent enough stats to be an okay flank, but with his low defense he’s likely going to die fast in the tank position. Whereas Justice’s stats work well enough in the tank position.

Also there’s fast AoE heroes like Zeline or Zimkatha, who work well at the wing (i.e. rear).

I usually dislike the wing for slow heroes, because the chances of them firing their special are very low. There are exceptions like Alberich or G. Owl though, it depends on the special move too.

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As others have said - the most common spot for a slow hero is either center (if tanky enough) or flank (so they proc) on a d-team.

Exceptions are heroes like Alberich or Mother North where you want them to proc late game, instead of mid-match.

But yeah - Justice is such a pain! Her blind scares me more than Onatel’s special when I’m raiding against her.

As for placement - trial and error is the way. You’ll get all kinds of advice, but I’d just see what works best.

I happen to have Lianna, Rumplestiltskin, and Azlar fully maxed an emblem’d. So who do I put center? None of them are particularly made for center, but I tried each one.

It’s pretty apparent that Rumplestiltskin performs best at center with 720 armor and 1400 hp. By the time he gets pummeled by tiles, he has a 66.666% chance at doing something mean to the enemy (heal/cleanse or burn/dot).

With Azlar flanking him, the lion-boi usually procs without dying. In my heart, I hope enemies flee after getting burn + dot from both of those two lol.

Anyway I’m rambling. Justice is a great hero - I’d put her center if i had her maxed out, because she’s tanky enough to hold the position, and her blind is INFURIATING early in a match, when she’s likely to proc.


Can be good in war defenses. AoE hitter may be difficult to clear when standing on the edge. People might underestimate that on second attack run where you only have B or C heroes left. Most lonely 5* you can kill with only 3* attacks in wars…but I’m very relunctant to attack AoE hitters ( I have around 14 leveled 4* and 20 3* heroes for war)…might be a well placed trap.

I’ve got this thinking dan using those very fast / fast heroes is the best way to keep higher amount of cups, until a friend proved me wrong.
With Joon, Kage, Gm, Lianna and Magni, she is able to reach well over 2800 cups on aggresive raiding but still end up going down to 2500 overnight.
It turns out average speed mana heroes like Ariel, Frida, Albi or even slow mana in Kunchen, MN, Justice and Azlar play a deciding role in certain area.
Having a well balance combination is fundamental and that is what makes the game more fun.

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