Best green hero to add to Atlantis family team?

Hello all! I’m facing a dilemma… trying to figure out which 5* green hero to take to final ascension/ have on my team.

Although I am inclined to keep atomos due to the family bonus but he’s so slow. Is the extra 5% bonus worth it?

If this was your team, what would you do?

Note- Margaret is also an option.

Tarlak for Titans…


What about raid/war defense?

Titans are more important. After I did Tarlak I would go with Yunan.


Thank you, that’s what some are suggesting in my alliance, I just have a hard time letting go of my family bonus lol

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The family bonus doesn’t make up for poor team synergy


If you use atomas right, he is good in offence, but not in defense, cause its not so hard to not kill him during his special. better go with someone else, junan or kadilen is also good option, her special can be annoying, if you don’t have dispellers

That’s what I was thinking, wish they would fix atomos to be better :weary:

Tarlak for titans or Yunan for raids.

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Impressive Atlantis hero collection. 10% is still a very good bonus for some already great heroes, you’ll get better utility out of another hero though, like Tarlak (titans = more ascension materials) or Yunan (who could make a good tank).

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Tarlak and Yunan for me. But first Tarlak and never look back… on Atomos lol

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Yunan is a beast of a raid/war tank. He’s very hard to kill and deals crippling damage if he fires. Tarlak should be your first priority, however. He massively improves titan damage which will get you more loot in the long run, helping you ascend other heroes as well.


Thanks guys! Wish I had enough ascension material for all 3 :grimacing:

So you are going with Tarlak then?

I’m unsure about Atomos myself on the wing. His stats and speed seem more like something you’d want in the flank or tank position. Even at slow speed activating his skill on the flank a bit late is what you’d want, so that he gets his chance to revive and so he hits targets at closer to full mana. On the wing he’d be too easy to ignore and wait out his buff turn count before finishing him off.

He gets a lot of flack around in these forums, frankly I think he’s above average defending though. But I do have to say that Yunan overall seems like the toughest green defensive hero. Having revive talent along with a deep wound ailment that can’t be dispelled is very crippling to deal with.

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Tarlak then Yunan.

20 Green 5 Stars

As everyone else has been saying, go with Tarlak first then after him work on Yunan. Yunan is a very good raid and war tank from what I have seen and one of the few fighters on the nature element. Imo, if I had him I would save up the 1500 fighter emblems it would take to fully max out his grid.

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Tarlak for Titans
Yunan for tank

Your are showing your defense and asking about the 5% bonus.

Then definitely you must have Yunan. Make him your tank and you can relax with the current lineup without Atomos of course.

Tarlak can stay at 3/70 unless you are fighting titans above 10*.

Our titans are 11*-13*, so I’ll have to get tarlak up… ugh I don’t have any tomes :frowning:

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