Best and worst HOTM from each year poll

I honestly don’t get the Grimble hate. Yes he’s a niche hero, but he shines in the current meta with all the minion makers still present in defenses. So many raids where Freya and Krampus and the like load up the minions… pop Panther to dispel Krampus, then Grimble to charge my crew and unleash havoc, including sometimes a second attack for the goat-rider.


I have him and actually gave him emblems. Yes he’s niche but he works. I hunt for those still running telly with Freya or bera. I use others skills then grimble to wipe minions and sometimes recharge him for another trip. His atk stats w a l19 mana or l1 ninja have over 800 atk. Plus his def and hp are solid. He’s got a few levels still to go and on field with troop he gets interesting. He’s no GM but he does work.


I pulled him yesterday from ToL. I think he might be useful now with 10% attack. And I think there is a far better candidate for worst HotM of 2019.


  • Best: Alberich. Hel and Athena are also competing for the spot, but I have him and he revives with somewhat okay probability (second best with costume after MN) so he wins it for me.
  • Worst: Perseus. I don’t have Thoth but he would give me trouble on occasion, but with Perseus it was almost never the case. His elemental link may improve things significantly though when present with other 2017 HotM, as that mana generation can be useful.


  • Best: GM. I think no explanation is needed. His costume makes him more reliable on defense.
  • Worst: Aeron. Natalya is considered worst by some but now she has useful elemental link, while Aeron is still stuck with his crappy one. Duh.


  • Best: Miki. You want high scores on titans, you need Miki, no questions. He’s also good counter to Alfrike for VF wars, tournaments and what have you.
  • Worst: Ranvir. He does not offer much more than Wu Kong while cost is of course steep. LBed Wu Kong with emblems and costume bonus will serve same or better than Ranvir. And if you have Sergei, well … He’s the only hero I genuinely regret ascending, especially since I got Miki soon afterwards.


  • Best: I vote for Vela. Nerfed many times but still useful and somehow manages to kill my team in tourneys on occasion. Not to be underestimated, even though I don’t use her that much.
  • Worst: I think Noor would go here, as she is extremely situational, and if you have Skadi then she is better choice of dealing with minions.

2021 (not considering yet unreleased heroes):

  • Best: Had hard time to decide between Alexandrine and Uraeus. Voted for latter because his fiend-sandstorm combo caught me off-guard few times. On offense very useful.
  • Worst: Chakkoszrot. He’s slow and bland.

How is Chak the worst? Has anyone here used him against Sif, BK and Krampus?

I don’t get it either especially when in wars we face at least 50% bera and Freya tanks. I voted for Miki who I don’t have but I have quite a few in that group and Grimble is my favorite to use. He has great syngery with some of the more powerful dark heroes. 9 tiles with some minions and he charges Alfrike or Ludwig, works well with Onyx too to bring him to the 3rd level quickly.

That chart makes me aware that May 1st 2022 is the day when all months in a year will have at least one HOTM with each color

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I was one of those who hated him a lot when he was released. I still think I was right back then. The only minion summoners at that time were Delilah, Thoth Amun and few Christmas heroes. None of these minions was really anyhow threatening. He got an “unloved” label back then. I thought I will never ever waste tabards on him. Nowadays, I have him maxed and with emblems… He’s amazing against minion summoners, especially when paired with heroes like Kunchen, Alfrike whom he helps fire few tiles earlier. As opposed to many, his value actually increased a lot with time.

I used Onyx against these heroes… Onyx can charge with 5 tiles, Chak requires 12. It’s one of the heroes that intentionally was handicapped by SG by having a one tier lower speed than the one which could make him actually a good card. My view on him is - he’s great at countering certain some specific cards - but requires such quality board that if you get one like it, you don’t really need to worry about countering anyone.

My votes:

Easily best one is Hel - the new elemental link and family bonus really want me to give her the emblems back, she’s back to glory. I’d put Athena as a runner up, though I don’t have and never played with her… I think Alby got outrun by Mother North.

Worst - Thoth-Amun, useless guy, what more to say.

For best I voted Drake Fong, though it’s one I don’t have. Tough choice between him and and GM, though I think with time blind has aged better than DoT. Evelyn, Zeline, ZImkitha all good cards as well… 2018 was really great year fot HotMs

Worst - I think Aeron never really impressed me, there was a bit of time when he was annoying but has shown how nearby ally buffers don’t really fit… especially when all-allies buffers are comparable in power and speed. Poor Natalya, I love the concept of this card and the art is beautiful but as Morgan La Fay, she’s terribly unloved by SG. The card could be so good after a little balancing to fit her in current world…

A lot of decent HotMs this year as well, voted for Miki as he’s probably my most used hero and definitely wins the competition for mana potions consumed. Can’t imagine my titan fights without him, whenever I take someone else for late flags on Mythic Titan I curse the world. Though also love Kingston, Kunchen, Frida.

Worst - Ranvir was my biggest hero disappointment in this game ever. After so much hype building into him, summoning a lot not to miss him, powerlevelling etc only to find out his advantage over Wu Kong is minimal. And two months later Miki is released… Yikes.

We’re approaching the cursed year… Voted for Malosi as the concept of this card is simple yet brilliant, he’s making many games so much easier. Clarissa and Vela (even after nerfs) are right behind… and probably the only cards from this year which I find useful enough to care about them and use them.

Worst - tough competition; voted for Zulag as I hate entirety of this hero, starting from the uselessness of the skill (in color where we have Kunchen, Rigard…) ending on the art. Even the name sounds like someone vomited. Though don’t get me started on the 2020 HotMs as I could go on and on forever about plenty of them “praising” SG’s balacing skills

Sadly the mediocre HotM year continues + overflow of legendaries from other sources made HotMs tier 2 or tier 3 choices for ascension… The only one that really stands out is Devana who at acceptable speed deals proper damage, dispells, summons a beefy minion… Not overpowered but pleasant card.

Worst - well tough choice, to me plenty are in “terrible enough not to ever consider” bracket. Bertila is as useless as Chakkoszrot, Malicna as bad as Frosth, Russell weak and unreliable as Yang Mai etc. Voted for Frosth though. I never liked minions to begin with - he’s all about minions, and his were at release so much weaker than Freya’s/Bera’s despite the card being worse utility than theirs… He exists only to feed Grimbles out there.

Where is it written he’s intentionally lowered? With element link (Thoth for example - everyone else’s favourite) +10% mana! In vfast wars and tournaments he does his job great

Many testers in beta asked for SG to increase the speed of Chak to average to make him on par and useful for his purpose, but this was never really addressed - so I take it as intentional. It’s not written but you can really tell. Just check the average speed cards from the new events and compare.

And in V Fast tournaments, even Guardian Owl does his job great…

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And you just confirmed my point thank you vfast wars he is highly effective. The owl works good when your heroes are dead. Chak will stop them dying.

Forget Beta and prove he’s intentionally lowered, especially not in the case of vfast wars and tournies

I just tested him, with mana node and critical troops (non/mana) he charged in 9 shields.

With Thoth (Yay! and Mal double-Yay) he’ll charge quicker?

Well when I said he’s too slow to be effective to serve his purpose, obviously that isn’t the case in a mode where everyone is very fast, right? So I don’t really get this argument? Obviously, if for one that’s enough to use 6 tabards on a hero then be my guest. Though even good old Quintus hits harder than Chak so…

Go ahead and waste 2 extra slots in a team on mediocre heroes just to make 1 hero usable, when you just could take a hero that’s usable on its own…

As for me, you may even believe that Salmon Loki is a good hero, don’t really feel like trying to prove you wrong. Just looking at the polls, I don’t feel like there’s plenty people to share your view. Just put my 2 cents why’s that since I have insight from beta and tried to find good in this guy…

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I appreciate it, but the user before you said he’s slow which isn’t exactly correct. If used in the right scenario he ‘isn’t slow’.

I do appreciate your replies but I think he deserves better which is why I responded. I don’t use Quintus much because he doesn’t have the buff immune, I’m also not flush with Dark but funnily I have all the ones we mentioned plus Dom. So as he’s one of my few I levelled him straight away and I like him so I’m very happy to defend him.

Thanks again and no offence intended I just feel like he has a bad rep.

(I don’t have Onyx but wouldn’t say no)

You’re in denial

I get that your hero roster is not good but when you compare him to other heroes he is garbage. There is a reason why no one uses him

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This is a game whereby we discuss cards, not verbally insult other players without seeing their full roster

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Denys you can’t see his roster so that’s a bit harsh. The forum is all but dead vs how it was years ago so let’s not drive away the few that still post here. He not telling you to use him but if he likes a hotm who cares. I just got Russell who seems globally hated but I wanted him for my roster. I’m a near 4 year player and in beta so I’ve been around.

Hotms are FREE. Yes people chase them but by fre I mean they don’t block your normal pull spots so no harm if you don’t like it and get one. Plus I’ve seen tons of changes here like the big v20 balance, veliuriaGate, etc. I started this thread for discussion to see how things have shifted like ares and zeline dropping out while Hel and Alby still hold on amd how the hotms have evolved and opinions changed.
You play the cards you have. Some people used to love danzaburro said he had 2 skills of a 5*. Yes it’s true and still in these forums. Anyhow I’m not lookingfor a fight but this forum is a shell pf it’s former self and this thread has spurred discussion which was the point. Les not kill it with personal attacks. Thanks.


What!?!?!?!?!??! Grimble has been about the best hero from all available heroes for close to a year, whilst Freya and Bera tanks have been dominant. He was the hero who could gain massive amounts of mana for all your heroes whilst simultaneously removing thousands upon thousands of HP worth of minions - and thus take full control of a game.

Now the dominance of Freya/Bera is slowly fading and we have other non-minion dependent mana generators making an appearance, so he will not stay at the same lofty heights - but he will ALWAYS be super powerful in a pretty big niche.

As for

Well she has forged a new team that has a super high rate of success when facing Freya tanks. She pairs extremely well with Ferant and Baldur and any combo of Froth/healers. Until the meta changes to non purple tanks it looks like she will be making an appearance in each war for me.

I would not put Noor in anywhere near the catgegory of Zulag - I just cannot justify Zulag’s usefuleness as I can with most other heroes. She joins a very select group of such heroes for me, namely Reuben, Shale, Thoth Amun, Perseus, Aeron.

Sigh. He is amazing vs teams with JF or C GM, or a combo of Bera and Vela for example. He is even more amazing when paired with a duplicate. I won’t share the video here but he is one of a small handful of heroes that can defeat a full 5* defense team with only 2 heroes on offense (when all the factors line up). Even without the reflect his damage, elemental link and mindless attack/silence resist are all decent.

I have a pretty decent roster and I use Chakky in my main Grimble team. He is a very good hero vs top buff heavy teams. Lots of decent heroes get unused in this game because of narrow mindedness like this

I use him with Grimble - at 9 tiles he works very well as a counter for buff heavy teams. Alfrike tends to miss 1 or 2 key heroes and Chakky shuts them down effectively


Margaret tile damage/attack is pretty insane though. Before they buffed her I would agree, but that attack now, she isn’t hair bad. Reuben imo is the worst.

I see you place seshat as the worse 2019 hotm. Just curious on your thoughts

Not a popular choice, but I don’t rate the usefulness of snipers very highly in general. And she is a super weak sniper. Her minions once upon a time granted her nice survivability but in these days of minion counters they are almost a liability. If inever got her i wouldn’t level her