Battle training court - new feature suggestion

Hello dear devs,

E&P is quite a mature game and it gives plenty of different options and game-play scenarios, but IMHO there is a MUST feature that is absent: battle training court. The purpose of this feature is to allow the player to test his defense BY HIMSELF and to test his attacking abilities on the hypothetic opponent.
The feature is divided into 2 sections:

  • Dressing room, where you “dress” your opponent. It should allow to assemble ANY hero with ANY available in-game ability (emblems, costumes, limit-break, etc). It should allow to set any level of the hero, combined with any troops’ level. One of the options should be taking the defense command as an opponent. An upgraded option may allow to assemble both the attacking and the defending side.
  • Training court, where you can set any of the in-game battle modes (same as war bonuses) and run a regular battle with the assembled sides.

Several famous game platforms have such an addon and it is a great asset to the game! In our case it’s even easier, since the most sophisticated part of the feature - battle simulator - is already implemented and a major part of the game.

As for the business side of this feature, I bet you will find a way to make it profitable :slight_smile:


I agree with your idea but I’m not sure of the chances for it to be added. The main reason being the small things we have been clamoring for, for a very long time. I.e. simple Q.O.L. type things which are apparently ignored.

Even now, the ability for us to see a replay of the match between your team and the opponent in raids and wars is not available due technical, and other considerations.

Your idea appears quite close to my description of the “replay” feature, but like many other things which we find in other games, and which seem natural to expect, it is just not in E&P.

As a small example; I also play a few other match 3 games, as well as some “auto battlers”, and in one early release I recently found, we actually receive the heroes we need to complete specific stages, by doing other in game tasks!

The mind boggles. Mind you, I am not saying that the heroes received don’t need equipment and levelling but that is also taken care of by doing other in game events.

I too would like too see something like your idea being made available, because I have not yet seen it myself but it would go a long way towards our request to see replays actually happen. Thank you

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That will never happen. That would take away friendly battles. And ppl would probably loose interest because then you could just battle any team. People would raid less. Less money coming in