Battle items wasted


i used one of my scrolls in the titan battle on accident and then the battle just ended. Like i didnt have time to even use it. im so sad and mad cause it wasnt just any scroll, it was one of those that brings back all your dead heros in a battle…


This one?


It only gives 400 HP to all. In a hot and heavy fight—unless you have healers ready to go, or you’ve mostly killed your foe—you’re still going down.


yup thats the one! but i used it on accident in the end of the fight and i ran out of time.


These things happen. The scrolls are rare (you can make them at Forge lvl 20). Don’t let it bug you too much; I fight most battles with arrows, Axes, blue potion and antidote. :wink:


I’d remove it from the items on your titan team