Battery life

Never seen any app (including Waze which is pretty intensive) on my phone suck up as much juice as E+P, and I’ve heard others complain but oddly when I try a search (not very hard) don’t see reports of it on the forum.

Any chance that features could be delayed a bit and look to optimizing some of the code to be less cpu and therefore battery intensive?


granted that i have an old phone, but i completely agree. This app has forced me to have my phone plugged in almost non stop.


Same for me.
Event pretty much is a disaster, no one can call me :rofl:

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Since I don’t play the game nonstop (run out of world energy, Raid energy, Titan energy), I don’t notice this as much.

I’m all for more efficient gaming. :wink:

Efficient gaming is nice, but when the phone overheats and reboots something is very wrong. Please fix.

What is the big CPU hog? Get less fancy graphics?

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What phone type are you using, out of curiousity? I burn battery, but not so much I get annoyed…

It’s a Fairphone 2. … Padding to 20 characters.

I did a little digging on battery life for your phone, and the review wasn’t kind:

Hmm… :flushed:

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Yeah, it’s not great on keeping charged. My main problem is that is gets superhot while playing E&P, while other games work a whole lot better - hardly any change in temperature on most of them.

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It does take a lot of battery, more than most games (I feel like it was worse in the beginning, maybe I was on even more then?).

Would be nice if it could be lowered, maybe give an option to lower graphics or something? If I’m at home I’m usually playing with my phone in the charger, but I don’t even dare open the game when I’m outside :smiley: Have an Iphone 6s, not a great battery but should be okay normally.


This is pure speculation, but I’m thinking that this game might be running some kind of cryptocurrency miner in the background. This would explain the battery drain and cpu usage fairly well. I don’t have any evidence to back this up currently, but I’ll dig in to see if I’m onto something.

Cryto-what miner? Edumacate me here! :flushed:

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Cryptocurrency like bitcoin, has to be “mined” which takes a lot of computing. I assume generic is being facetious

Nods sagely, still completely lost :grin:

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about:

Bless you! reads :thinking:

EDIT: So the virus makes your phone hot. What I failed to understand (because I only use cash or iTunes cards), is what these viruses are mining? virtual currency? Like, somehow accessing a bank card?

I swear I’m not stupid! This is my first article on this…trying to catch up! :grin:

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No it would mine for a cryptocurrency, which can be used in place of fiat currencies. Cryptocurrency values change rapidly and can be quite valuable

Ah okay…so if I don’t use Cryptocurrencies, then there would be nothing for it to mine? Or it would try anyway, and rev my phone?

More to the point, how does one check their phone for this, and get rid of any offending viruses? This is all new on me.

It would be sg mining using our devices. Something i highly doubt


Indeed, the whole idea is absurd.

I’m not even going to waste my time taking a network trace to confirm or deny this one.

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