Bastet - Bot for EnP Discord servers

Hi all,

for the last few months i have been creating a new bot called Bastet. It is a multi-purpose bot for Empires and Puzzles Discord servers, it is already on 30+ servers and i think it is finally ready to be shared here on the forum too. Bastet uses the new slash command system that Discord started enforcing on bots at September 2022, so it works a bit differently than many previous enp bots.

I’ll introduce some of the main features:

Search for hero/guides/etc:

Bastet has many different search functions

All searches works with autocomplete so you don’t have to remember all the long commands and what to type in letter-by-letter:
After finding the hero or item that you want to see, select it from the list and send the message.

When multiple results are found, bot shows you a list that you can browse and select which one to show:

Hero search shows you the result with image of hero card, basic information about hero, and stats with some calculated variations.


This one is just for fun, it’s lets you summon a random hero once a day:
Odds are similar to game so be prepared for the Dawas. :blush:


Extract text from images. Useful for alliances that keeps track of war scores etc.

Feedback is important. If you encounter any problems, maybe notice some hero has outdated skill description, have suggestion that you think would be great addition to the bot, or just want to say hi, use /feedback command for all those. I don’t promise that i will add what gets suggested but who knows, ideas are always welcome.

And here is a full list of all commands the bot currently has:

I think that covers the main functionalities, Discord introduced the new bot system not that long ago and it takes some time to get used to it and may feel a bit different, but it comes with some great features like autocomplete. One thing about the autocomplete (and some other elements) that is good to know, is that Discord has a limit of 25 items that it can show at once. So in example the /guide search will show only 25 autocomplete items at first (if nothing is typed in or there is more than 25 results), but as you start typing in something, it narrows the results down and will show what you search for. Same goes with the other searches like /hero name, /farm etc. It can be a bit misleading at first, but feel free to browse and try out what the bot has to offer, there is a lot of useful information (thanks to maryj), and more guides and other content will be added over the time.

Bastet is free to use and you can add it to any server you want. But since it has some upkeep and development costs that i am paying myself, i want to mention the possibility to support the project, more information can be found behind /donate command.

Here is the invite link that you can use to add Bastet to your server:

After inviting the bot, it should be available on all normal channels. If you want limit it to some specific channel(s), navigate to Server settings → Integrations → click Bastet and set it up similar to this:

I think that’s about it, new heroes will be added soon after they are released, more content to searches all the time (again thanks to maryj) and possibly new commands in the future. If you have any questions i try to answer them here as soon as i read them and have time to answer. You can also join the Unofficial Empires and Puzzles Discord server, you can test the bot there too if you don’t want to add it to your server just yet. We have a nice community there that will help you with the bot, questions about the game or just about anything you have in mind. Have fun and summon all the Dawas :pray:



wow! this is pretty cool, thanks!


Thank you for your hard work.

I am not a fan of Discord but I know some others who prefer to use Discord over Line.


Thank you for all the work you put in it :pray:, it’s truly an amazing job, after jeeves went down was like we were missing a limb :sweat_smile:, now we feel whole again (we had this forum to cover some aspects but we got use to being lazy :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::yum:).
As we don’t want the history to reapeat please ask for help whenever you feel overwhelmed so you don’t have to give up on the bot :hugs:


Thx for making a new working discord bot, where we can find the latest heroes.


Bastet now shows Aether Power and stats for second limit break + emblems. I don’t have many things to compare the stats against so there may be errors (especially with costumes and rare/epic heroes) so use /feedback to report or you can message me here or discord.


Thank you so much for your great work :pray: :cake: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Now I can finally stop looking in top players for heroes i don’t find in portal to see their second lb stats, plus now on portal you can see only the second lb stats, those for first lb aren’t reacheable anymore!


I’m a little late to the party, but is it possible to get Bastet bot for my alliance Discord channel?


Of course you can

Click on here to invite it to your server

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Ty! Much appreciated Maryij


I just pushed big update, not much visible changes, just lots of some… stuff …on the backend. If there’s any problems you can message me here or on discord. Summon resets again at 18 UTC+3 as it shifted by one hour for a while because time is hard.

Feel free to share the bot for other servers, its currently on 69 servers :sunglasses:, getting closer and closer to the limit of 75 servers which is needed to apply for Bot Verification process on Discord.

Also, here’s the obligatory and shameless mention about the possibility to donate to help with the recurring expenses that are needed to keep the bot up and running. You can find more information with the /donate command, found from the bot. Even the smallest amounts help and are appreciated. :pray:

Have fun and have a great summer! - Olli


Is this because of 69? :thinking::joy::joy:
Tnx again and again for the amazing work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Heroes can now also be filtered by Aether Power. Whole /hero find got updated and makes a bit more sense now. Separate search commands for class, skill, mana speed etc got removed. So available /hero subcommands from now on are “name” and “find”.




I noticed some users (that are probably not familiar with Discord) have had difficulties with Discords fairly new bot system and its UI, so i added new command /howto. It will show this guide how to use the bot. So when you see someone trying and spamming invalid commands you can just /howto to help.

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As you may have noticed, most of the time images are not showing up. There is currently something wrong between Discord and the image host i use. I cannot do much about it, only solution is to move all images to another host but that is a big task. Or host the images myself but that would raise the upkeep costs. It is weekend and i have things to do IRL, but if this problem isn’t gone by tomorrow evening (in my timezone :man_shrugging: ), i will start the process to move all images to another host. That may take a while but whatever happens, images should start appearing again in following few days. :cowboy_hat_face: :beers:


For those appreciating the use of this most excellent Discord bot - please consider donating a small amount towards the upkeep of Bastet. Olli isn’t big on self promotion but we should all know - the amount of time it take to keep up with the in game changes is significantly large - that’s time away from real life and the game, all for the benefit of the community. If you use the bot on your, or another hosts server, please use the “/donate” function to toss a little towards the creator… We would all like to see this continue to be of use!
Many thanks to you Olli for your efforts.