AW crash after defeat. 0 points & other team is back

My first hit in AW today: defeated opposing team. Game locked right before giving me points. When I came back the opposing team was fine, I was down a flag and 5 hero’s and got zero points. I thought this bug was fixed???

To me happen worst…I go on war 15 minutes ago, I pick my squad I push attack and the game crashed…so I lose one attack and my best squad…

Same thing happened just now, I’ve started fight in alliance war with strongest team and application collapsed I lost team and 0 points in alliance war.

Same issue here. Game collapses during the fight and 0 points as a result.

Same here, I beat the other team and was awarded zero points. Then my app was stuck on the alliance war page with a loading circle on the enemy team.

It just happened to one of our top players. He said he had a victory, his game crashed and 0 points.

Immediately afterwards it happened to our opponent.

I guess that’s fair? :open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face::thinking::neutral_face:

I was fighting in aw killed all players but 1 and i get this message at end of fight with 0 points.

Same happened last night.

AW I’ve been playing this game for ages, have spent heaps since starting. This has happened plenty of times before but it gets to a point of frustration where it’s a joke. 2 moves into my first flag on AW and the game shuts out for absolutely no reason. Flag wasted, 0 points and 5 heroes wasted. I would like my flag and heroes returned so that I can have a fair expedience. My internet is fine, it was not an issue on my end it has something to do with the E&P servers. My in game name is Skorch

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