Auto remove those who been inactive for 100 days

Players who been inactive for 100 days or more should automatically be removed from groups, its one way to get to the dead groups.

That’s what the leader should be doing. If the leader has been inactive that long, it’s a whole different story.


There are many groups where the leader are in active and also the co-leads, its easy to check

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I used to think they should delete zombie alliances, but mercing zombie alliances is actually a great way to build up food / iron. It’s also a good way to complete the titan aspect of PoV, when there’s no titan level specified.

Not sure why this is under alliance recruitment :thinking:. Moved to general discussion.

I give my members 30 days of being inactive…after that…they get the boot…:boot::hiking_boot::boot::hiking_boot::boot::hiking_boot:

I really don’t know why some of us here are bothered with inactive accounts or dead alliances. Let them stay as is. It’s a good source of some players who wants to accomplish titan POV if it does not require specific stars on titans.

I have a dummy account I created when I was in another alliance to make a holiday alliance for if people needed to take a break from expectations but still want to hit an alliance occasionally. It is logged out of wars. The alliance is set to Open so dont need to be logging in and checking/ accepting people. I haven’t logged in since I created it and have no desire to. It harms nobody that account being open/ inactive.

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I do like the “dead” alliances as well. My kids have accounts but they don’t play regularly. They like to fight the titan as well (and war sometimes) but when they are in active ones they are kicked all the time. So they can experience the game and do not harm anyone.


I’ll explain why. There are many groups with 30 players where you have one or two active players, there is a chance that they arent aware of much else and are almost lile stuck playing there, for me it took a long time before i found out about the global chat and all the groups and thatis because someone told me about it, same in my group, there only two who knew about “the outside world” until i explained it. I have no doubt that some want to play in a dead group, god knows i have done so myself, and if anyones kids are in there playing the group wont dissapear, since someone is active. But there may also be ppl who basically are stuck.

Totally agree. I have visited such alliances if there was room and suggested to the active ones, there are active alliances if they were interested in growing their hero roster. Other than that, not sure how we could reach them.

Perhaps SG could do more when people first download the game to inform them about the different types of casual vs active alliances. :thinking:

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We boot after 14 days of inactivity…and I have members that are all over it…true assets to our alliance.

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