🔵 [Aug 4, 2019] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My 1st Trial stage 3, and I think I can beat stage 3, I have good items and decent heroes, let see the result… drumb bell please… :drum:
with this team:

I choose banner over anti dotes, and better for sure, because we only fear Horghall -att.
And bomb attack to replace +att from Brienne.

OK last step, fresh… great board start, all recharge except Caedmon and Melendor, and already use 1 heal and 2 bomb.

Not so hard, only Jack’ OHare which is 3.60 and -def make him low, and I forget to heal, but it does not matter all opponent is almost dies.

Trainer keep for Hansel (4.26) until he is 4.50 and up.
Emblem druid for Melendor and Caedmon (spread, not decide yet).
Emblem ranger keep for now.