Athena or king arthur?

Just got athena right now…which one to ascend first?? King arthur at 2/55 or athena at 1/1?? Got the material to ascend till the end one of them

Athena OFC.
go for her lol


Athena = for every titan
Arthur = mainly against red titans

Athena :slight_smile:

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Just a quick thoughts - if you are focused on titans, and have Isarnia at 4/80 I think maybe there’s a case for Arthur. Slow mana is easily solved with mana pots and I get that you can technically inflict more potential damage with Athena (though Isarnia has a higher attack stat), but mats are so rare I just wanted to throw this scenario out there. It’s a good problem to have.

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King Arthur is the only Elemental defense debuff ( Blue )- similar to Guardian Panther being Elemental defense debuff ( Purple )- which stacks with rainbow defense debuff ( Ramming Pulverizer, Athena’s Bow, Glacial Shatter, etc. ).

So if you team has a decent hero with rainbow defense debuff ( Example Isarnia ), you can stack King Arthur for Red ( strong ), Blue/ Purple/ Yellow ( neutral ).

King Arthur will also help your team survive 13*+ Titans since he has the most additional effects of a special skill ( attack debuff, elemantal defense debuff, caster special skill defense buff ) and 40 more defense points.

If you are still working on your first rainbow 5* team, Athena’s rainbow defense debuff will be more useful than King Arthur’s elemental defense debuff ( blue ).

Question to players with Delilah and Athena, do minion attacks count for increasing Athena’s bow’s defense debuff ?


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