Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER

I totally agree with OP.

But as we all know, SG is too stubborn to make any improvements on it. There’s no hope.
SG doesn’t care about frustrated people like you.
A lot of people quit by that. Now it’s time for you to quit.
I think I’ll follow you soon.

The only real problem I have with this game where I feel that SGG is taking advantage of people is that they consider Tall Boots, Chain Shirt etc…rare 3* Mars that can be received for Tournament loot and other things.

I think that is pretty dirty. And item that is farmable SHOULD NOT be considered a rare ascension item on par with Orbs, Capes, Blades, etc…

It so frustrating finishing top 1, 5 or 10% in a week long tournament and get Tall Boots. Or open up an Elemental Cgest and get more Tall Boots.

Please stop doing this SGG!! It’s so hard to get a rare ascension that you don’t need to make it even harder.


Is this accurate to get around 3 5* per year maxed based on 4*AM? F2p? C2p? Newbie midgame or oldschool?

Would Help my decisions, cause i have 3 5* right now and would be Overkill Summon NOW, so i could safe up Items and summon on few Months, when new heroes up and maybe change my decision which one to ascendend.

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I can’t believe anyone questions moderator rulings. Lol- I love the entertainment. Thanks SG for letting us read blocked content- my fav aspect of the forumns

I would have loved to have seen the alchemy lab have an option to turn 3 star items, into guaranteed 4 star items…Even if the wait time was 2 weeks and it took 10 items, gloves, compasses, orbs etc it would be worth the wait.

Also another idea I had would be to add 1 more rare quest to the calander where you got to pick which 4 star item you want.

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I have been playing for around 4 months P2P. While I love the game, It’s really frustrating when I can’t get my forest are heroes leveled up enoughTo play season tale without getting my butt kicked. I invest 7 Energies per level and killed in the 1st round. If I didn’t deserve to be at this level I wouldn’t have made it here, right? I have 1 2* hero fully ascended, and two 3*. I don’t have enough materials to ascend any of them in the grid. I have 3 4* heros that can’t get past level 3 and 1 5* that can’t get beyond level 2. I spent 250 diamonds today on a Trainers Tools kit touting so many of the ascension items I need so I bought it. I got 2 practice swords and one trap tools!! I’m so disappointed. I can get practice swords for FREE all day long. I know this game requires patience and time, but getting your butt kicked in every war, every titan battle is not so much fun. This game is built for stronger heros to enjoy. And like I said, I spend money.

I meant for star heroes not forest, fat fingers.

Well, u clearly do make things wrong and dont buy Gamble offers for Gems, u need a Guideline which things to FOCUS on and get ur Island ready, spend Money on guarenteed offers with ur Items u need like the Army pack 1 4* AM and 1 or 2 3* AM for 32,99.

I’m in the game for a little more than a year. Sometimes i got frustrated. Most of the time i have fun. I loose and i win and i’m still motivated, maybe sometimes too much. :grin: I met interesting and funny people (greetings to my alli) and experienced many changes in the game, caused by the players. What I want to say? It’s not only having the best and most and fastest 5* and AM. And I’m afraid to loose fun, when I have hundreds of full leveled 5* like everyone else. Where’s the challenge? Where’s the long time motivation? Tar and feather me, but I’m satisfied and still try to reach my player-heroes.

:rofl: while the idea is awesome (and I won’t even talk about the fact that I will not be having the Alchemy Lab because only the last 2 levels are worth it), let’s not mention gloves and compasses…
Say guaranteed 4* AM from 100 farmable 3* items.


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I wonder why, in a long time now, I get no ascension materials. I am continuously a class A, sometimes A+ at titans, but I get nothing at the loot, while others receive compasses, darts, tonics, etc. Not even at mistic vision, I cannot remember the last time I got something. The chests are the same. How is this possible?!?

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The rng for mats seems to come and go in waves. You’ll have a lucky streak for awhile and then go through a period where you don’t seem to be getting anything. Just gotta be patient and wait out the dry spell

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I could not agree more!! I have been playing this game for close to a year now. And like you, have spent some real cash playing this game. The 4* AM drop is horrible! I have 11 heroes right now that I cannot get ascended to save my life. And a couple of them are only on ascension level 2!!! Why make it so hard to ascend from level 2?? I can see maybe going from 3 to 4…but not from 2 to 3!! I too am at the point where I am ready to cut my losses and stop playing. I mean, out of the multitudes of Titans and Wars that I have participated in, I can never get ANY 4* AM’s!! I do the rare quests to completion and the missions that give you the chests. Never get any AM worth a crap. Seems like it is the same old junk AM that I already have hundreds of…and they are useless!! How about giving us an option of turning in lower grade AM for a higher grade one?? Could be a tier trade up. Like 100 1* Training Manuals for a 2* Arcane Script. And then 50 Arcane Scripts for a 3* Battle Manual. And then 25 Battle Manuals for a 4* Tome of Tactics??
This would keep your players in the game and may even increase the amount of people playing!!

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Game rewards, everybody is complaining about Telluria etc etc , however nobody notice the extremely poor rewards earned when fighting , TITANS , QUESTS, TOURNATMENTS and so on and on. It is grossly unfair for them to be changing heroes . They seem to put aside the thought that some players have paid real money for these heroes. It would be strongly advisable for every player to also complain about the extremely high prices for purchasing of gems etc…


What are they doing about it? Best thing for them.if they don’t like the subject is to close the topic.

An example…
Today…inside a monster chest

Absolutely a bad joke.
It is not serious…more than one year playing here…


Hello, should the number of mystic rings be reduced to the level of compass and arrows, wait 1 year for material ascensions of 1 character? Now still rewards for chests still only 1 potent healing potion and 1 diamond? The game is meant to be fun, not empty your wallet. It ceases to be a reason to play this game.


For some time now this game has been a disappointment on ascension materials. That and also rewards for being at the top spot i.e. top titan attacker, most damage done in war and such. I get that SG is in it for a profit but I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now and what I have to show for it is a bunch of heros that I can’t ascend due to the lack of ascension materials given out. Yes you get items in the quest for ascension but it’s no where near the amount needed to ascend a hero in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve spent hundreds on this game and I feel like as of late it’s only been a slap in the face with all that is going on.


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