Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER

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Thread for voting for more ascnesion materials:

Everyone experiences burnout, it’s just a matter of time…but various factors can mitigate it. I’ve been at this about half a year and I’m approaching burnout, and it got me thinking about why this was happening…and the answer is pretty simple. Lack of progress.

I’ve collected some good heroes over the last several months, but they are going nowhere because I have no ascension materials for them. Just in this last event, I got Alice, Cheshire, and Captain of Diamonds in one 10 pull. Amazing! I was pretty excited of course, until I realized that I don’t have the materials to level cap ANY of them (ie: they’re useless). All 3 of them are going to be stuck at level 60 for who knows how long because there’s nothing to ascend them with and I already have other heroes waiting in line for those materials. Just this morning a TC 20 cranked out Lianna, and I was not excited, at all…if anything it made me angry, because I already have five 5* greens in line waiting for ascension materials (coincidentally, one of them is another Lianna) and I have 1 mysterious tonic to my name. I play regularly, I hit my titans, I participate in wars, I pay the $5 monthly and purchase special offers on a fairly regular basis…and I’m getting nowhere.

Now I suppose I could spend $3600 buying $100 offers that contain 1 mysterious tonic each to ascend them all, and sure by the time I spent all the gems and hero tokens that came with them I would have 10 or more new 5* greens in need of more tonics, (nevermind the other colors who now also need even more materials) but I’ve decided I’m not going to ride that crazy train anymore.

So, before I quit this game out of frustration, I’ve decided to come here and make one appeal to the developers to reconsider their business model. I’ve heard various quotes about how for every one person who complains on a forum 100 more quit without a word, and I don’t know what the actual numbers are for it, but here I am representing my portion of the community (and the important part for Small Giant - the money they spend).

I propose that your ascension material drop rates need to be ramped up and/or their drop range expanded so lower level players can get them more often (you might also consider not charging an arm and a leg for them in special deals). I propose that more rare quests should be spawning, more rare color chest dailies pop up, more people receiving material awards in special events. I propose this because there is no incentive for people to buy pulls when they can’t ascend the heroes they get. Not only is there no incentive to spend money, but when there’s no progress you lose one of the most important incentives people have to play games, so you lose players.

Put another way: Have you considered how many dolphins and fishes you’re missing out on because you’re trying to milk a few whales?

To the community: Say what you want. Talk about how this is the game, take it or leave it. Tell me to go play something else. Whatever. This is the last time I’ll be on this forum unless something changes soon that incentivizes me into continuing to play, so I really don’t care what you think. However, if you feel as I feel, then please, for your own good (and mine, and everyone else who feels the same way), add your voice to mine…because SG is only interested in what’s going to make them the most money, and if they see enough dollars walking away over this issue, they will change it.

Finally, just to be clear, I’ve invested a lot of time and money into this game. It’s been a lot of fun and a great way for me to spend my downtime and I would hate to have to walk away from it…but when a game is no longer fun, when you’re no longer making progress, when you’re friends are all quitting as well, there’s no reason to play…so please, change the ascension material drop rates so we can start making progress and having fun again.


That’s a reasonable question and I can’t know the answer for sure. I’m willing to speculate, though, that this is something the devs have considered, and that their business model works.

After all:

So they must be doing something right.

And remember, it’s the rarity of ascension materials that allows F2P and C2P players to remain competitive with spenders. Perhaps if AM were more easily available then things would be better for the dolphins and fishes, but unbearable for the plankton.


You can spend all you want summoning heroes and you can buy the occasional ascension item, but there’s no escaping the grind of this game. It is the great equalizer, and something we all must face.

We can debate drop rates all we want. I get frustrated too, but honestly, without some mechanism to slow down heavy spenders this game would quickly deteriorate.

Also, I don’t mean to be a jerk, but if you already had heroes to level and they are higher priority than any of the new Wonderland heroes, then why did you even do pulls? Frivolous spending merely tells SG that the prices they are charging are appropriate. If you really want to send a message, withholding cash speaks loudly.


They have the right to charged whatever they want, but making it into gambling system show they have no soul.


Yep, not a lot of thought into doing more summons while you already have lots of heroes you can’t ascend anyway. Work on winning the 4th and 5th levels of all the rare quests and get those free ascension materials and then beat epic and legend events for more free materials like everyone else.


I liked this morning’s offer:. fine gloves plus something I can’t remember because I was so happy to see the gloves - for 500 gems. If they would do this bi-weekly rotating rare mats, they would make everyone happy. Whales could buy gems to get them, F2P & C2P could save gems to buy them. They could rotate the way they do for challenge/seasonal loot. It’s a fantastic compromise.


Youre wasting your breath, or keystrokes as it were…What is the developers motivation to change a business model that makes them litterally millions of dollars per month??? Come on man, really? Put yourself in their shoes, you make a hit product…it has millions of consumers and you want them to change it…Just for you??? Because your unlucky? Because you can’t ascend that shiny new Alice on your bench??? I’ve got 12 heros now at 3/70 awaiting materials for final ascension…The mats come when they come


I agree with the OP. Haven’t been able to ascend any of my 5*'s since I started over 6 months ago. I have spent $, great heroes, no mats. My only hope is mystic vision. Chests give little to nothing anymore. The grind of my fave game is no longer fruitful.


I certainly wouldn’t say no to more items, but the thing that’s really holding me back is exp. Even when dedicating my TCs to exp and concentrating on one hero it takes too long to max them.
I don’t mind a few of my 5* sitting on 3/70 or 1/1. It was bothersome when I didn’t have a rainbow team and had to wait half a year (after drawing him) to ascend my first 5*, but now i’m in hurry to level them.
Just have to use a bit of strategy in who you need to ascend and who can wait.

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I was just about to start a thread on this topic! I have only been playing for six weeks, but avidly. Thanks to some great tips I got in this forum, I have been stable in gold raids lately, doing two chests a day. Have done all titans and wars since I joined an alliance four weeks ago. Had A+ on the two last 5* titans. Do all mystic visions.


Not one single ascension item anywhere. My A+ titan chests had rope and rugged clothes where my husbands A chests on the same titans had hidden blades and magic orbs. My gold raid chests have more rope. The mystic visions have 3 gems or 1 minor potion. The only ascension item I’ve gotten “free” was a hidden blade when playing the one real quest I’ve been given during this month (I only get quests for ham or herbs…).

I’ve bought ascension chests, stupidly enough (cause it’s quite obvious they are a gamble): got more rugged clothes and as the highest prize scabbards and boots easily farmed.

Is it supposed to be like this?


I started almost 9 months ago, and the only colour I haven’t been able to ascend a 5 for is red, I only have 4 rings and have had less hidden blades than other mats. So it goes.

In the meantime, I systematically level other heroes up to ascension walls and work within a priority list. And having lots of other heroes in usable form (like sets of maxed 3s, 4s at 3-60) means I have a decent war bench for where my alliance is at. It also means I’ve been able to complete the emblem trials.


I’m sorry Joyful, I don’t agree with having regular ascension mats in the shop. As TigerDevil says, acquiring mats is the great equalizer. If C2P/F2P start having to spend their saved gems to keep up with ascension mat offers, then they don’t have any gems for Atlantis or event heroes.


May the gods of ascension always be with you…


Thoughts anyone?

With the game being out for so long and alot if the vets calling it quits the game is definitely divided.

Vets that are still playing have a stockpile of AM and can just level whatever they pull, & then saying the game has been like this like things don’t have to change to balance what’s going on.

New players are hitting the ascension wall on characters and getting frustrated from not winning in wars & raids the UNBALANCED GAP is getting worse

I think this is why they need to change the drop rate on AM or make them more accessible to make the game more competitive or soon the game is going to fail


There’s a new building coming out this year. The “alchemy lab”. While it hasn’t been confirmed officially afaik, it’s likely linked to ascension materials.


This must be the first time i’ve did this [with AMs - i do track my 2 TC20 tho].
So i’ve tracked somewhere on my phone when was the last time i’ve got an AM; we have 8* 9* 10* titans [9* is our comfort zone, 8* only when we have like really bad boards and not everybody is focused]. I usually hit B A even A+ [when i level or use a potion] on titans and do like 2 monster chests and one raid per day.
With all this above said the last AM i received was a week a go; in the meantime i’ve got Kiril, Justice, Melendor [and still have tons of 4* at 3/60]. I only have 1 pair of gloves and 2 compasses.
Wont add anything else, this ish speak for itself…

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Totally agree with you Vinny on the unbalanced gap in the game! And the feeling of catch 22: you have to do well on higher class titans to get ascension mats, but the only way to compete with the veteran players is to have ascended heroes!

And even knowing it’s a game of chance, it totally sucks to get the short end of stick every time and not once find something useful in a chest…


I do have to agree with this. My husband has pulled some great 5* and 4*. We use to kid about him being so lucky on his pulls. He now considers himself unlucky and frustrated because he won’t be able to ascend them.

It’ll be kinda of our own faults because we are very casual players and just play the game together. We aren’t into AW, so it’s just the 2 of us battling 1* and 2* titans, so you know we’ll never get those coveted AM.

We are a bit C2P, but we aren’t well to do, so we keep the spending low and use wisdom on what and what not to purchase.

For now it’s still fun to play, but there will come a day when we will be leaving because there will be no more advancing because quests and missions will be too difficult to play because our heroes will be too low in power. That’s the way games are though. There will always be an ending. You store good memories of play, then move on to the next game.


agree with every word written
not only ascensation mats are in huge lack, also training camp pace is almost not allowing you to grow up your heroes. they sure have a lot of work to do regarding this.
new heroes of the month and events are welcome, but before they build 5th floor, they must finish 3&4.


Why are those 4* mats so rare? Like, what’s the point in that? Is it somewhat important and essential that players turn frustrated with their 70lvl heroes? They wait and wait and wait and wait for 4* mats to come, and when it arrives it’s not the one you need…

Those 4* mats does not have to arrive every day but current pace is way too slow.


I encourage everyone who feels that they are not getting enough ascension materials to track your drops over the course of a few months. There’s even a thread dedicated to doing just that:

I did this and found that I was averaging about 30 non-farmable materials each month from free sources, which was much higher than I thought. If you find that you’re getting significantly less, you might be missing opportunities for material drops:


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