Ascension Items are too Rare

I was always under the assumption that the bouns was Guaranteed now I guess this a question best asked to @zephyr1 to clarify fir both of us.

Yep, he said that. And make confusions between rare quests and event challenges.

Yes please, I too would like clarification! Because if that’s the case, my alliance has been getting royally ripped off and I want a refund on every titan flask we ever used on a rare titan!

Well yes I may have confused the 2,no need to be rude about it m8.

It’s not guaranteed, it’s just a chance.

And not a very good chance, at that.

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That is exactly what I thought.

Thank you!


Thank you @zephyr1, then we have been pretty lucky in aways getting them.

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Sorry if I was rude towards you in any way, I just don’t want misinformation giving people false hopes and leading them to disappointment. Might as well disappoint them ahead of time so they know what to expect. :wink:

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You weren’t rude scarecrow was,

As Quests area is called Quests when someone talks about quests I presume they mean everything within the quest area…

Now the intension isn’t made clear as to a particular type then Quests also means everything within.

There is no need to be rude about it just because the can be confused

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I believe I mentioned this before somewhere on the forum, one of my previous alliance teammates once asked, “why do people think HOTMs are supposed to be rare?” and claimed that “you automatically get at least one HOTM if you do at least 2 epic pulls that month”. She stated this after pulling 2 of that month’s HOTM in a row, and bragged about how she had pulled HOTM on her first or second pull every month since she started playing.

She posted that in alliance chat right after I had just done three pulls in a row and pulled three 3* heroes (no HOTM).

I was not amused. :neutral_face:


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Just a clarification here if you don’t mind for my own future reference.

When I said guaranteed I didn’t mean guaranteed for every player as I am well aware that isn’t the case, what I meant was Guaranteed 1 during that titan which 1 player would get.

Zepher1 , so your saying the bonus isn’t guaranteed to drop even at least 1, correct?

Correct, it’s entirely possible for no one in the alliance to get the Bonus Item from a Rare Titan.

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I have to sometimes stop myself from reflexively responding in a negative way.

I apologize @Ozy1 for trying to “correct” you, I’m not an expert on this game. All I know is my own experience, and I get irritated when other people tell me “oh well if you’ve been playing this long, then you should have this many 5* heroes and this many unfarmable mats, if you have less than that, you’re stupid and you just suck and don’t know how to play right”, when the reality is that everything is RNG and some people are just luckier than others.

And yes as @zephyr1 just stated, it IS entirely possible for NO ONE in the alliance to get the bonus item from a rare titan (should we even be using the word “possible” in this instance, or would “probable” be more appropriate?)

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I have absolutely no issues with being corrected ever,lol and if I got something I said wrong I will be the first to apologise and correct it.

I stated that it was Guaranteed because I truely thought it was, if I was/am wrong then correct me or as I did I will ask someone who I knows for sure. Everyone makes mistakes, but should be willing to learn from them. There is no need for rudeness to correct someone and you TGW were not rude at all.

I ( obviously wrongly presumed) because after being a leader of my alliance for over a year and doing every titan there has always been a rare titans bonus that dropped to at least 1 member, which I now know has happened due to only been lucky,lol, whoopy,lol but at least next time I will know better.

Scarecrow decided to continue on being rude even after I stated I presumed ( thus meaning I accepted that I might be wrong) and then posed the question to Zephyr1.

As for quests yes to me rare quests means everything within the quests area including events as to me they are all rare,guess not everyone sees it that way, my bad then, thus again I am apparently wrong and for that I appologise and will know for next time, but again no need to be rude about it.

Yes there are many on here like that and it also annoys me. You tell them you everything the game offers and they come back replying things like ( well you should be doing such and such a game to get whatever) hmmmm, mind boggling it is.

I think my above post here on describing the differences in drops between my 2 acc’s should clearly show that I do know there are extremely lucky and extremely unlucky in this game, but by no means is anyone stupid or don’t know how to play because they are unlucky,that is crazy thinking.

Anyway TGW your all good m8 and as for scarecrow, you are too m8, just find a better way of expressing opinions about others players wrong doings.

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Trading is not going to happen. It’s about money. Top spender accounts are tagged, tracked. It’s called VIP just like casinos. The more you spend the better the perks.

I remembered your post since last month. Though I don’t need rare AM anymore, its keep coming. 3 shields in the last 20 hours, one of it at 4* titan. It’s all about luck. Especially bad luck.

Screenshot_2019-09-15-06-58-56 Screenshot_2019-09-15-06-59-39

Finally. First time this year when the unicorn gives me the bonus. And I beat him every month, in 30-40 minutes. And it is first time for any of 3 members, so awful the chances are. Anyway, I have plenty of AM and I got a lots from event, but the players are right about rare titans.

I got a mysterious tonic once from a rare titan. Haven’t heard many cries of jubilation from our team in the last several, though.

I feel like if you play FTP, you end up with more ascension items than you can possibly use, and if you spend, you have an arsenal of heroes waiting for the mats… I have everything to ascend any 4 star I could draw right now, and most colors of 5-stars. Just don’t have the heroes. (Did pull Joon this morning and Khagan last week from TC20, so I’m not complaining…)

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