Ascension item improvement

I have nine heroes waiting for ascension items. I would literally take ANY improvement to a system that this happens in.


I agree, I have a similar number of 5 star heroes waiting for final ascension. Pretty Sure there are many others with the same scenario. Please developers do something to allow us to ascend our heroes. Buying the items in the package of you get two of these 11 or so items is a waste of money; it is the worse gamble that usually results in lost of a lots of gems and a bunch of items that you already have oodles of.
There has been so many posts about this and i keep giving suggestions.

I have 1 hero waiting to ascend…which means I have less heroes than y’all, but maybe the same ascension items.

I think it’s a trade off: Ye who have many heroes must choose which to ascend, me who has few, must just ascend that one…but we both appear to have roughly the same number of ascension items. Isn’t that as it should be? (Yes, I want more items too, but I like the balance achieved in the game thus far…)


You may be missing other factors in you equation. How many total heroes do you have? What is your total play time in both length and daily play?

If I’ve played twice as long and play four times as much per day, then it wouldn’t be equitable to have the same number of items as you.

I’m coming up on my tenth hero waiting.

Seems everyone has this problem and devs do nothing. Everyone who has 4* n 5* heros are lucky if they ever get ascension items, its just another way for devs to rip people off without doing anything sbout it

Not sure if that was a rhetorical question, but in the interest of answering scientific inquiry:

  1. I’ve played for 3 months
  2. I play all day long, mainly avoiding Raid
  3. I’m lvl 26, almost 27 (if that helps)

What do you think? Are we close? No? Have I earned the items I have? Why or why not?


That is roughly what I have played. I have two fully ascended heroes 4*.

And you?

I have 4 waiting to ascend. And all of them need the same item. It’s starting to get old fast. To not have the necessary items for even one hero after several months means it could very well be a year till I will have them all ascended. And with literally nothing to do in the game but log on and grind means I will not make it a couple more months much less a year.

I have two fully ascended 4* (still lvling up that final bit), plus one 4* that needs 1 ascension item to ascend.

Interesting. So about the same on items.

It is a balance if everyone is waiting for the same thing. Though that balance doesn’t seem to play well with customer happiness. Not mine and many others on here.

Some appear ok with the minimalism though.

I’ve got 3, 4* heros 1 is fully ascended, 2 needing same ascension items, and 1, 5* hero needing ascension items that I’ve had a long time now. I to am at level 27. Spent about $70 bucks just to do that. I can go buy better games for that kind of money. Getting frustrated and burnt out trying to obtain ascension items. I’ve got all my heros leveled or ascended as far as they will go and just pileing up heros with nothing to feed them to. Very disappointed in the devs.

What lvl star Titan is your alliance currently killing? Your Titan lvl affects your loot lvl; higher Titans give you a chance at 4 and 5* hero ascension items.

6* most o f the time, we killed a 7* ,then got another 7* that we let get away, so went to 5*, currently killing another 6* which we should take down. I usally get an b grade, teir 6 but it varies ive gotten a’ s, b’ s n c’s.

From what I understand, the Grade (A, B, C) merely states how well you did vs your alliance mates. It’s the Loot Tier that matters, with so many chance rolls being given for each tier.

We’re in the same boat as regards 6/7* Titans, so you should be seeing the same loot as us: fine gloves, sturdy shields, orbs, cloaks, etc, when you get the loot.