Ascension advice Nature heroes

Right now my best green team is Ma’at, LOTL, Costume Caedmon, Elradir and Lianna. I have:

Costume Yunan
Morgan Le Fay

Ready to ascend. Which one do you recommend? I realize they aren’t great but that team needs a shot in the arm. Thanks for any help you can give.

Grace will hit three, complementing the rest of your green team and helping with an additional debuff on top of Ma’at’s. I run a similar setup to yours and she is a good contributor. Grace does some other stuff like preventing fiends and taunts, but when you get enough green tiles you will already have knocked out one side and the enemy and then that is less important. Btw. I often play mono or 4+1. If you play rainbow there may be other suggestions.


Thanks. I’m finally getting to the point that I can go 4/1. I was leaning toward Grace but wasn’t sure about Garjammal. If Yunan were average I’d love that mana boost but the fact that he’s slow makes him too easy to kill.

My maxed green 5* are: 2x cLiana, c2Horgal, c2Elkanen (only second costume from HA), cKadilen, MN, Grace, cYunan, Elradir.
…and when I attack with green I use squad: cMelendor (still good) , cYunan and and a third hero depending on the appearance of the defense :slight_smile:

He is average after he fired the first time (the fast then become very fast and this is great) and 5 turns is a lot of time… :slight_smile:

…and that’s why I use him so often :ok_hand:

I would go with Grace, she is fast, hits three, she gives def down against special skills. The anti-taunt function is useless if she works with C. Caedmon because he will block all buffs.

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I agree with Grace, as well. She’s fast, hit 3, and has the special defense down, which will stack wirh your Ma’at.

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  • Garjammal
  • cYunan
  • Grace
  • Silvaria
  • Viselus
  • Morgana

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