Ascend Margaret if I have Evelyn maxed?

Just as the title mentions, she worth tonics in the end if I have Evelyn fully leveled already?

Just got her in a bonus draw.

I have Lianna but she doesn’t do a whole lot either…IMO.


Eve and Lianna together are fantastic and can take out almost any hero in the game as a combo… marg and eve will be nice for tiles, but… I’d go Lianna all day, and if my choice was a second Lianna or Marg, if I was trying to be most effective… I’d max Lianna over her again. Mind you, I do like to have fun with heroes as well, so I probably wouldn’t personally do that, but, certainly the first is Lianna. (did I mention Lianna?)

Thanks for the feedback, I’m still on the fence, both greens are not exactly interesting.

I was very lucky to pull her as RNG smiled on me, I just may take her her to 3/70…unless there is a hard case to do otherwise?

Lianna is a sniper and she does that very well. She is a no question for tonics.

Marg I just haven’t been able to get behind. I didn’t really try this month as I don’t find her all that interesting. But that is just me.

Now that Margaret has been buffed what are the opinions please.

I have her at 3/70, and the mats to ascend her, not sure if I want to…even after the buff…what do others think?

What you mean about Margaret or Telluria? I have both on 3/70,but I don’t have offensive green hero (Alberich, Kadilen, Melendor and 2xCaedmon)