Ascend Magni or Alasie?

So I need one more telescope and can ascend my first blue 5* to their final tier. I am in a quandry if I should choose Magni or Alasie. I use both and like both. I have done quite a bit of reading and there are lots of differing opinions of course over who may be better for what purpose. It does appear Magni is better on Defense and Alasie is better for Offense. Thoughts on this?

I believe that Magni is considered a little better.

I also don’t think it would be harmful if you picked the slightly better one over the other.

In this case I feel that they are close enough in strength and utility that it doesn’t really matter much so if you’re leaning towards one you should go for it.

I always heard that if you’re faced with a choice like this to flip a coin for it. When that coin is in the air you’ll know which one you’re hoping for it to be.


Or…use them both on a team and benefit fro Alasies’ elemental link. Best of both (blue) worlds :grin:

Hiestly, just jealous that you have that choice to make. I’d love either one lol!

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My thought would be make up my mind what I want to do with my team when either hero is maxed.

My second thought would be take Alasie. I am always raiding. She hits one target fast, same as Magni; however, I want her splash mana debuff to hit healer(s).

I like Magni for the def buff for both my def team and against titans.

Try that coin toss about def vs attack.

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Best suggestion I saw was to pick whichever is closer to final ascension, but if you have them both ready to go, that isn’t helpful.
If nothing else sprang to mind as a reason to pick one over the other, I’d pick Alasie for being easier on the eyes than Magni. I’m just glad I didn’t need to make that choice - I got Magni the afternoon of the morning I’d just used my scopes on Alasie, and he’s still waiting for me to start levelling.

JadeAnn in the Hero Advice chat on Line gave me my answer. She said that while Alasie is very useful at 3/70, Magni is just too fragile at that level. His defense is only 497…

Alasie (3/70): A:621, D:594, H:1124
Magni (3/70): A:666, D:497, H:1122

Magni can be used at 70, sure, but he’s going to go down quickly. So really what it comes down to is do you want to have two useful heroes, or one useful hero and one situational hero?

Also, I just can’t leave him at 3/70 with that 666 attack stat! Creepy!


OP was asking about final ascension.

Of course, Alasie is best either way


Thanks for all the advice. My end goal is to have both ascended on my 5* star team. Wow, his damage is nice at 3/70 but you are right about his defense. I like the flip a coin answer too…….LOL. A lot of this game is based on chance, this is one area where I get to choose and not have luck come into play. I am leaning right now towards Alasie :slight_smile:


Don’t toss a summon token or they’ll both turn out to be Greymane :joy::joy::joy:


Magni’s old news. Now Alasie reigns. There’s a reason top players rectracted magni from defense and use more of alasie. Guess the plus def and health make some different there. And alasie have more fire power. Or maybe they just like to showoff.


Perhaps I still won’t get an obvious answer, but I’m going to ask anyway.

My choice is going to be Alasie to 80 or Magni to 70.

Really need help deciding.

Alasie to 80. A 3/70 5* is inferior to many max 4*.

Alasie would be my choice also. I wouldn’t even think that for second. Better defence and better speacial skill. I have Magni max out. I like him, but not love him with Kiril or Vivica his speacial skill isn’t that useful except thst attacking part. :wink:

Thank you thank you. I find my choices are normally a bit more obvious … this one really had me second-guessing it.

And, as per my previous posts calling Alasie a susy snowflake (which I APOLOGIZED FOR LATER), the forum members will be pleased I’m finally giving her the respect she deserves :rofl::smiley:

Great point. Thanks

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I personally need one more cape for the final Ascension on Alasie. I would take her over every blue hero other than Athena. Her Mana control is invaluable. She also hits like a truck.


Alasie. Wont even doubt it.

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Agree, I just pulled Magni but the stats don’t lie.

Alasie looks better in most respects.

Magni can be killed before his defence gets up.

Alasie’s defence is already naturally high.

Alasie also has the ability to control the mana speed of others as @TylerDirtyn said

Alasie’s damage looks to be 739*5.62 = 4153.18

Magni’s damage looks to be 793*5.2 = 4123.6

Alasie all the way

Aliases is best sniper in game right now in my opinion I have 6 of her 2 at 80 they kill on titans and raids I have a magi also but have never touched him my next 5* blue will be one of my Aegars, but if I didn’t have him I would do a 3rd Aliases and still not touch Magi, now that I think about it I’m not sure why I keep him around along with Ishtari probably never lvl them

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Drob, I dont like you. You have too many of her. :rofl:


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