Are there rotation charts for featured heroes in S2/ S3 / S4?

Is there an Atlantis, S3, and S4 rotation charts?
Thank you.

you mean a calendar?

March 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages, Tower Of Magic, War Of The 3 Kingdoms, Starfall Circus, The Masquerade, Clash Of Knights, Springvale, Atlantis Rises, Valhalla Forever, S4: Underwild, Soul Exchange, and Mythic Titan) - Player Guides - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (

Typically it’s always the same 28 days rythm for all events / Atltantis / S3 / 4 etc

The current calendar shows what’s going on. I’m looking for a chart that shows everything. For example when’s the next time Ariel will be featured again?

right, I know on some calenders in the link you can see the featured heroes in the current month…

But I have no clue if there is such a thing for the whole rotation circle…

@PlayForFun @Ruskin505 @Guvnor might be able to help you…

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Tagging some calendar creators @VeryQuietly @Zartanis as they following it more closely.

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Thank you. I’ll see what they have to say.

I have found this link with past Featured heroes:

Based on this Season 2 and 3 has got some rotation, while the Season 4 rotation is not identified yet as new heroes are arriving each month.


They’re still working on the events cycle?

That file is compliments of @jinbatsu. It’s the one I reference most often.


Thank you for your help.

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Yup, this is what I was going to link.

Compiled by @jinbatsu to give credits :slight_smile:


Not as epic or colorful as @jinbatsu 's version, but here are the notes pages I use when making calendars: VQ_EnP_Notes - Google Sheets


Love it. I just bookmarked this link.
Appreciate it!


@VeryQuietly Thank you for the calenders

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I can’t find this info anywhere but I know there are many with lots of knowledge on here.

I was trying to figure out when Xnol or Hulda might be featured again during S4, is there any information out there on this or does it change?

Thanks in advance :blush:.

I am also wondering this. I’ve been waiting for a couple of heroes in S4 to be featured again before I use the coins I have saved up. However, it seems that the same 6 or 7 heroes are always featured. How are these determined anyway? Are any of the heroes introduced in the latter half of S4 ever going to be featured again?

It’s tough to say. There are 3 featured heroes each time and 20 legendaries (I think), so there’s no way to have a fixed rotation. There seems to be some kind of pattern though. Fogg and Elizabath are often together.

Usually, the calendar creators make pretty accurate guesses. It’s likely the closest you’ll get.