April 2024 TENTATIVE Calendar

What is the color order for events such as CoE(I have that these repeat every 8 weeks), Mythic Titan,(for these I have Dark, Holy, Nature, Ice, Fire in that order), Omega(I have Fire, Holy, Nature, Ice, Dark in that order), Rare(I have Farholme 1, Holy, Dark, Farholme 2, Fire, Nature, Ice in that order) Are these correct? Also will Astral Elves be repeating from the new date(same as CoE)

Other than conformation on the above, the online calendar has been updated

a big big BIG thanks again, top all involved, for these calendars!!!


These calendars are by far, more important to me than my work schedule calendar.


Weis man schon, wann die nächsten 5* Truppen-Portale kommen?

Calendar update:

Hero League returns on April 15th.


Hello all. Version 66 change logs were pretty short but finally received the update today and it actually packs many changes under the hood.
Regarding the Treasure Quest, I will update my predictions later to actually identify which variation of the quest is scheduled. In this instance for April, it’s the Legendary Troop Coin variant.
I will also update my predictions to include the first boss on the Costume Chamber and Tavern of Legends quests to better identity them rather than their ID currently.
Another important note for the Secret Heroes, they are available only for a single day each.


Thanks for the updated predictions.


I don’t know what Hero League means … but,

thank you so much to @Zartanis , @PlayForFun , @Elioty33

And of course … all the creators of the wonderful calendars !

Keep it up, it is appreciated,



Go to Raids and look at the middle option


For the costume chamber, Khagan C3 is predicted but I never found anything about him in the beta beats data. Is that correct ?

Toon costumes are no longer in beta anymore, the latest to appear in beta were C3 Elkanen and C3 Obakan.Other examples of non-in-beta costumes are Xenda C,Hulda C,Cleopatra C


You can check here:


Oh, thanks for posting the link @PlayForFun . Yes, as stated above, I have seen a gray league tab when I do raid tourneys. I would have searched here on the forum otherwise for this League.

Later, I will also look up V66 if I want to. (I know where to go). I was wrong about Atlantis though. Apparently my 67 (!) banked loot tickets will start getting spent on the 8th. Geez Monday already.

Thanks to you and everyone else for making this one of THE best threads on the E&P forum. Just came back less than two weeks ago, so I don’t know a lot of this new stuff.

Have fun in game and W3K (I am catching up on other stuff besides wars) & wow, those calendars are packed now,



You should check the second post in this thread, it includes links to all the master threads of what’s going on this month.

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Thanks @Elioty33 … I did scan past that second post but now that I am off E&P, I may do that. Atlantis is a week earlier than I expected (checked up there). But lots of new things to digest.

Owl Tower? Goblin Village? 3 categories of MV?

Anyway, thank you for being our crystal ball :crystal_ball: in the world of E&P heroes.

Hopefully when I do Tavern of Legends (which I remember) , I don’t just pull another Bane or what have you.

But I got 900 free coins from the game for returning…with NO classics on those 9 pulls. What the what? are the odds of that. Very low. Too bad I need a blue aether to raise my Xiahou Dun another level, oh well. I will be looking on the calendars for BLUE mirages of omega for sure. (I know it was just red, I used to have the order memorized but I will figure it out before the blue one comes around. All my other colors are fine lol.)

Once again, your work is noted and appreciated!


I’m not sure I understand, does this mean they cycle through all the available Secret Heroes? Monday you can only pull Secret Hero 1, Tuesday Secret Hero 2 and so on?

How does this work if they’re getting released one at a time? In the time between the release of the first and second one, should you only pull on a specific day of the week or else you’re missing out on the summon chance completely?


On the 11th April at 7:00am, Omen will become available and so for only 24 hours. After that delay (from the 12th at 7:00am), no more Secret Summon is possible until the next one (Atwood on the 21st) arrives. I don’t know for now but I assume another Secret Summon with Omen will come back around at some point in the future. So yea, they should cycle I think but with gaps with no Secret Summon for a few days in between each.


Very interesting, so they’re pushing hard to control exactly where and when people will summon. I guess it’ll just be the seasonal summon on the 11th for this first one?


Nope, the Clash of Kngihts summon will be also acttive.