Apology to Alasie


I can’t find the original thread where I was calling Alasie “suzy snowflake” and other players started “yelling” at me that i was crazy.

Well, I’ve been taking her out regularly now and I feel I need to issue her a public apology and join her fan club.

She really is quite awesome!

Raiding my Dream Team - Red Hood, Hel, Guinevere, Zeline and Alasie, ... what's yours?

Apologize to your one and she can pass it on to her pals


All you need to do is some patience and crazy search~ :wink:

Apologies accepted, Captain Needa.


I’m adding the same apologies for hubby who was very verbal about his dislike for her. I patiently told him to have patience again and again and again. Now, I’m afraid he’s ready to divorce me and marry her :hushed:

Perhaps I shouldn’t have patiently told him to be patient…


I’m going to make it up to her by providing every warm cape she wants


Something weird happened today. Alasie tank bump up my cups from 26++ to 28++ today. Now im hanging below top 10.

Now im gonna pretend she is as fab as guin. I am too used to talk trash about her.


I love facing her. She always blows herself up on Cyprian


I am so upset that I didn’t bother getting her that month. I had no idea she would wind up being one of the best 5* blues in the game. I’m starving to replace Grimm and that would have been the best choice since the game refuses to give me Magni… :sob: