Anybody from Titan Mafia on now?

I dont even know what to say to that


Start with this

Then I will totally stop hijacking the thread


Lol it’s a southern thing

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Glad that didnt catch fire lol

Bringing it up again just makes me think you actually want to do it :wink:

And you know what, it would be a really interesting read from a player with so much experience in alliance management, recruitment and game mechanics. You’re a bit of an onion Rigs… Lots of layers.

And you make people cry :thinking:

Wait…let me rethink this.

What else has layers?

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It would be awkward as hell. I dont even talk personal in line outside of a select few

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I can definitely answer that for you. There is documentation that refers to it, yet many never read it (like most things I document) - and thus twisted (not bad) conversations begin often as a result.


  1. They specifically feed the Hero Utilities CURRENT and CUMULATIVE statistics. See (these are the valuations at the bottom of the H.U. Card)

  2. It is the source feeding my PERIOD IN REVIEW. Now processed every 28th of the month - this so happens to provide time in-between periods for hero testing and positioning. See this is a primary section of the sites main page which includes the following:

  • Global Leaderboard Overview
  • Top Alliances CURRENT
  • Top Players CURRENT
  • Top Alliances CUMULATIVE
  • Top Players CUMULATIVE
  • True Positioning + DELTA
  • TANK use by Element
  • Top-15 Heroes (yes from the Leaderboard)
    which is broken down into 3 sections (The ULTIMATES, The Contenders
    and The Rising)
  • Epics that came out to PLAY
  • Legends on the Bench
  1. It generates the ‘True Positioning’ Report on the site (top 10 mentioned above) and the FULL report (in the members Lobby). It also generates the H.P.E.T. Report (in the members Lobby) which clearly visualizes and summarizes the data by team type, class, etc. which includes the FULL listing of the data collected.

  2. Quick Period OVERVIEW
    Here I make some observations based on my own hero use and/or vs. experience incorporating conversations held in the TMPG LINE Group or other sources which you can reference at the footer of the site.

Hope this answers your questions! And thank you for contributing as in doing so you and we are aiding the international players community at Large. You can review a more in depth version by previewing GuiLDWare itself as it ties everything together! This can be found at:



@Razor hey I’ve been trying to get my password reset, any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!!

User name is same as my forum and game name.

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@Rigs both of our Teams made it onto the Current Listing!
@SRJ_CT_61 & @JonahTheBard - it appears the pole is 100% Definitely!
@l2ider - doing now - will LINE you your password.

Edited to convert image into direct link to the report/site.


Image with no link to the site?

Good job with batman btw!

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password sent! Take care buddy, I’m available best through LINE if you need anything.

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I messed that up by going with ABSOLUTELY :roll_eyes:

I think it would be at the very least an entertaining read :rofl:

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Whats the line ID? Yea yea yeah I could have looked it up but I’m fat lazy and live in my Mom’s basement! LOL


omg. Yes please!
Bbl, gotta game…


Can someone say… Thread HIJACK!! LOL


I’m actually not sure what line is and I need to reset my Titan Mafia password as well. Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated.

Line is a chat app similar to WhatsApp. It’s one of the most popular amongst alliances

my alliance uses the game to communicate. so, how do I go about getting my password reset through Line.

temp55 please change at login

awesome. thanks, and done!

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