Any Way To Bring Back The Positivity Players Used To Have?

I love the battle mechanics of the game. In traditional RPGs, it could be a grind to battle, with the exception of Square’s active battle system used in Final Fanrast and enhanced in Chrono Trigger where you can cast team spells. Match-3 requires less work and the special attributes of each character, along with the color dynamics (green>blue, etc), is simple but adds a timeless dynamic. It’s brilliant.

However, two key elements are missing from this RPG when compared to traditional console RPGs, which would alienate most gamers:

Story: think back to a favorite RPG you play. The characters meant something not only because of what they can do in battles, but because of their story in the grand scheme of the game. You identified with certain characters and there was an emotional investment in the game. This is sorely missing and the seasons become a grind to get mats and characters, as opposed to advancing through a story.

Sustained Progress: farming 8-7, over and over again, does not increase your TP once your heroes are maxed. It is a way of filling monsters chest to get a chance of getting mats to ascend your heroes. It is such an indirect way of making progress, where luck trumps effort. As such, we pray to RNGeus to get troop drops, for better loot. Getting better in the game relies more on luck than actual skill. For any real gamer, it undermines the purpose of an RPG, which is to build experience through hard work and strategy as opposed to leaving it up to chance.

Without those elements, what are you left with? A match-3 game that relies on luck, flashy heroes without a story, it’s a more nuanced casino. It’s hard for many people to like casinos, especially when they are losing money. In essence, this game is not a game once that facade is shattered. It is a money-grabbing machine, albeit a great one at that.

Here are some suggestions:

Better war dynamics: create ways to unlock buffs. For example, once you take out a column, you can unlock attack boost for 4 hours for your whole team. This adds a great element and it could be enhanced if you can place where your team is to “protect” a lane.

Stronghold Buildings: create a non-linear way to build your base that can help out in battles. For example, allow a fixed number of buildings (3-5)to forge emblems. A paladin guild can craft paladin emblems, using resources like rugged clothes. So in essence, you can pick 3-5 classes to help focus on. It can be a slow grind but at least there’s progress.

Practice Arena: allow alliance members to practice fighting each other without using any flags. This will help players understand how the characters work, the synergy between them, and some friendly rivalry.

Viewing War Battles: allow players to watch teammates’ battles. This can be very exciting if the scores are close. It makes it more engaging than simply sitting around and watching the score number go up or down.


My biggest beef is that I’m constantly maxing out on iron. Been playing for just less than a year. Love the game, am in a solid alliance, etc.etc. But my buildings are all maxed and I don’t need any more dragon banners.

If I could halt production of iron I’d even be down with that.

A out this comunication problem, it is really almost nil. Maybe I was pampered, I played a Supercell game for 4 years , and was active in the forum. They had a dedicated employee for each of their games, and problems and concerns , if their number was beyond 20 or so, were adressed, either to acknowledge they were reading it, or to provide a solution. There were monthly you tube presentatins with devs, there were 4 big updates a year and many minor updates in between. Most of the updates were subjects proposed and debated in the forum. The game was on for a good time before I started, and now, 18 months after I quit, it is still going strong. So, yes, I think SG can do better. Supercell started as small as they did.

P.S. only reason I left th game was because it was a relaxing, fun game, what I needed at that time, eventually I needed more action, and although I tried, could not keep involvement in here and there. But I never deleted it.

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@Rigs I’ve been playing the game for a little over a year and quite frankly I’ve tried many mobile app games but E&P has by far been the best game that has kept me more interested than any other. I understand that its a grind which in my opinion makes it more challenging. Yes, the wait is long but when you do get that item its quite a treat. I also think …my opinion that some players read way to much into the game. No game is going to be tailored to your specifications just so that you can win all the time. …it would take away from the game if that was so. It’s about strategy, technique, learning your heroes strengths and weaknesses against your opponents, raids, wars and titans. You consistently have to be proactive with this game as an individual and within an active alliance. I stress active because it makes a big big difference especially with loot drops from chest. The more you put into it the more you get out of it. I spend for what I want…depends on the offers and its voluntary.

Raids you win some you lose some. Some are not happy because their beaten by a weaker/stronger opponent. My strategy is when someone weaker defeats me I revenge and win…may not get all my trophies back but we both come out somewhat equally the same. I’m happy with that and carry on. The strong that pick on the weak is something different…If I can’t revenge them right away that’s just fuel to the fire. They sit in your queue for so many days …by that time I’m leveling my heroes . It may take a few days and they think I’ve forgotten until they see my name a few days later where I won my trophies back…lol

All in all, I really love the game and would hope everyone would take it for what it is…learn it and reach out to those that have an enormously amount of helpful information to navigate through it and enjoy the meeting of new acquaintances across the globe.


Of course they don’t. They make a product and market it. Now occasionally the devs come here to answer a question or two every once in a blue moon but aren’t really interested in the human aspect of this game. They know they have a hit product with tons of money rolling in. If they were truly interested in the player base they would have someone here answering questions on a daily basis. A dedicated person that could be like a 24/7 help desk.


To ensure a solid relationship there should be dialogue.
I have mixed feelings on this but… no.

More detailed information about new contents and release date.

What could like to Players:

  • :heavy_multiplication_x: E&P’s lore
    • :heavy_multiplication_x: Hero’s story campaign (not the main campaign)
    • :heavy_multiplication_x: World’s exploration
    • :heavy_multiplication_x: NPC’s interaction
  • :heavy_check_mark: New game contents
  • :heavy_multiplication_x: Periodic game balance
  • :heavy_multiplication_x: Not entirely RNG reward system

How SGG could gain some cash with no powercreep involved

  • :gem: Cosmetic effects
    • :gem: new Hero’s skins
    • :gem: alternative special’s animation
    • :gem: add a non-event random portrait to the bad shop’s packages
  • :gem: Empowerment of buildings production’s speed for gems

Repetitiveness and excessive RNG as not having any way to chose even their rewards on provinces nor converting exceeding materials into the ones in shortage.

When the pond’s water is going green and the balance’s ecosystem is endangered it’s time to do something. High hopes for V20 but a big massive rework is way worse then weekly tweaks to heroes, that keeps the game fresh and balanced (and the water clean).

WOTLK’s emblems’ reward system were a lot better.

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As a matter of fact I believe it is not even the biggest problem with their model. They can even keep the current odds as long as they increase slightly the drop of high end ascension mats. Even when you get lucky with hero pulls, what is the fun in having dozens of heroes pending for last ascension? In my alliance this is true for 80% of our group and it’s extremely frustrating.


Thispost is to support Dante on all that is not being given to old players
I cannot speak for anyone else on the resons they are losing the positive attitude. I do hear, from fellow players, the bad luck in summons, tc20, mats, and yes, it can be discouraging. Some f2p have plenty of mats and no heroes, some p2w have plenty heroes and no 4* mats.
For myself, I never particularly wanted to be in leaderboards , I am not much bothered by bad summons, and you bet I had them, not even the lack of 4* mats, even if I have some 8 heroes waiting for it. It is, as put by others, the same thing ever and ever in strategy. Same bad boards against titans all the time ( no, I do not go mono). After 18 months playing, I have 3* materials up to my armpit and just about maxed every 4 around, even gobbler. Starting on some duplicates. So, what is the playing day like now? Do raids with predictable guinevere or gm as tanks, with zeline, kageburado as flanks, yada yada. Wars, the same with the irritation of the boosts. Hit titans with terrible boards that are begging me to use tornadoes. Grind and grind after tornadoes materials to get maybe 2, if lucky. Feed heroes I doubt I will ever use. Wait for rare quests with mats needed to ascend 4s (nothing but occasional 3 s in loots, chests, elemental chests - 11* titans, A). Events now are byond boring, I actually do not want more 3* materials, also do not want to spend a fortune in flags to try and get the unreachable first prizes.
It is very difficult to keep interested in doing basically repetitive things over and over.


I can understand being bored with the game after 18 months - that’s a long time to play a mobile game. But isn’t it a pretty notable achievement for a mobile game to hold your attention for 18 months?

Maybe your boredom is just a signal that you have finished the game. I don’t think that necessarily means that E&P has failed in any way. If it kept you around for 18 months, and you spent a couple of dollars, I think it succeeded.


Remember Last game before this I played for 4 years, and also had repetition by nature, yet mantained intrerest, so, with 18 months SG can do better


I disagree with you games today have longevity some games upwards of 20 years and continued stories.look I know this is a phone game but we as people PTP,CTPor even FTP have invested time money and energy on a game that the previous post for 18 months.Developers working on this game and future games usually at the same time problem is that some just don’t listen.Ive been a gamer for over 35 years I’m one of those kids that plunked hundreds of quarters in the arcade playing defender asteroids and altered beast.If u listen to the people u will make a lot more money in the end instead of charging someone 75 gems to finish a level when the last boss has 1/4 health the whole game could be improved across the board to benefit old and newer players alike and honestly have a game that could last for more than 5 years


I’m sure you are right that there is a segment of the population willing to play a game for 20 years. Within that segment there’s probably even a subset willing to play a mobile game for 20 years.

When I was a little younger I filled my fair share of arcade and pinball machines with coins (and was regarded as something of a freak for doing so). If I see a machine that I know, I might still throw a few pence into it for old times’ sake, but I can’t think of one I stuck with seriously for more than a year or two. Same with every game I have ever played as an adult. (I’m not counting chess or tennis or Fuzzy Duck.)

So maybe SG would be wise to target the market of players who want a mobile game that they can play for 20 years, or maybe they’d be wise to target the market of players with attention spans of considerably less than five years, like me.

I don’t really know what would be smarter, but I’m prepared to acknowledge the good business judgment of the people who just sold their company for $560m. (Technically $700m, but who’s really counting.)


While it may be frustrating, I too think that it’s the attainment of x that makes this game so enjoyable. The learning curve that we all have as we learn our heroes, develop our base and the sharing that goes on within community.

That being said…I’m a baby to this group, not having played for more than many of you. There are things that are somewhat universal to all gaming communities.

  1. someone will always be unhappy —someone isn’t strong enough/lucky enough/insert whatever makes them think the world is unfair here
  2. macho bravado players --every game has them and often in many games they can become bullies. – I bring this up because it’s one of the most important compliments to this game. Raids are an essential part of the game and the mere fact that individuals are not searchable is one of the smartest things that they’ve done. (Believe me, I think there are a ton of smart pros compared to cons in this game)
  3. money complaints. Every game that allows for anything to be bought will get complaints about being greedy. I always play a game for free in the beginning. If I am enjoying it, I’ll pay a little for something to throw my thank you chips towards artists and developers. I have never spent remotely close to what I’ve already spent in this game. Lesson: review and review the budget :wink:

They’ve taken some basic concepts and character types and have made this game a really fun experience. Wanna bring positivity back into the game? Then be a part of that…because…

What I have never seen in any gaming community to this extent is what’s going on right now in the happy anniversary --best moments thread. Need some positive happy joy joy feelings? Go check out that thread. Take some Kleenex because it’s surpassing the hallmark channel.

This is just a game and a very good one. But it’s your interaction with community that’s gold.

Happy Friday! <3


ROCK and Dante’s posts above are must reads for everyone. They are truth in prose. Both summons and loot for long term players have become a law of diminishing returns. I filled 3 of those “Ascension item chests” this weekend. I got 2 gloves and a compass. I have over 20 of both and will never, ever spend them all. Basically, anything other than a tabbard or tonic is completely useless to me. I have so many of everything else I simply do not need them. And I haven’t gotten either in a chest in at least 6 months. Rare quests are my only options. How am I supposed to stay engaged here? It’s becoming impossible. They have got to get this alchemy thing out on the street.


I will say this, whenever you first start it’s an exciting new world and getting to know the game is so much fun. But it’s not the repetitiveness that drags you down, it’s like some point you hit you stop getting anything. Since Drake I’ve spent a boat load of cash and haven’t got any hotm up til yesterday getting Frida. I’m now holding 45 5* with 18 leveled but I can no longer get 4* accention items anymore unless I purchase them. It’s like I hit a wall running 100 mph, everything has stopped. It’s not that I’m not happy because I love this game I’ve been playing for a year and half. Iean it’s the first thing I look at in the morning dad I know. But I’m bored with it. I can’t lvl and of my 5s past 3.70. I was excited about the emblems yay something different but the drop rate is crazy. Here’s you 1 for filling a chest. Idk I will continue playing until the boredom is more than I can handle. Just my thoughts and hopefully not taken a negative just honesty from a long time player.


I have to give credit to SG for the one thing they have certainly done right is keeping my attention. I too have played for 18 months and I’m also bored of regular farming, grinding with 12* Titans and replaying events for half decent event rewards. Not even going to get into summons/chests and whatnot.

I do however ENJOY wars and how they bring my Alli together, I do look forward to the seasonal events (with abundance of farmable and non-farmable goods), still enjoy regular raids to gather food, and, most importantly, I’m very excited with the Talent system and the idea of no-pots-raid-challenges.

To each their own I guess, but as much as I complain about what I think are bad decisions from SG, I did enjoy playing ETERNIUM a lot, thinking it was a perfect game, yet I stopped it 5 months in. I don’t know what’s the key here but E&P does hold my attention.


One of my biggest issues is the way the game deals with mana generation. If I complete a combination - say yellow for instance, then only the yellow heroes on my team gain mana. But every opposing hero/monster/titan hit by the stream gains mana regardless of thier color/alignment. Enemies should gain mana according to the same rules that the players are constrained to… If a blue enemy is hit by a yellow combination, they shouldn’t gain mana. Also, it seems like lately when a big combination is completed, the enemy side gets to fire off first, regardless of which hero actually was charged up in which order… I’ve had several instances where most of my team was charged up - but got wiped out because all the enemies got to use thier special skills first

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Attackers have all the advantages

If you constrict the gain of mana for the defense, it breaks the game making every aspect waay easier than it needs to be. Not to mention breaking the mechanics of merlin, hansel, proteus, hel, onatel, guin, etc etc. Why have mana control heros on attack teams, if you have 100% control of the mana gains of the defense with the board?

In theory, yes your idea makes sense. In practice, it wouldn’t though

I could be wrong, just my point of view


Are we talking more like Pac Man here, or more like Tekken?


I had my quarters on the machine waiting for when @brobb finally screwed up “the pattern”. Almost as bad as waiting on my buddy to finally lose during Joust. :rofl:


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