Any Way To Bring Back The Positivity Players Used To Have?

I remember a time when players were much more positive about the game. Now I’m seeing a lot of negativity. Mentioned it in the AMA thread to SG but that is directed at Devs and not Players. This thread is directed at players. Even some of the players that i used to feel were the game’s most positive players seem to be losing that positivity, if they haven’t lost it already.

Do you guys feel SG has a solid relationship with the E&P player base? If so, why? If not, why not?

What could SG do to improve it’s relationship with the player base? Is the AMA session a move in the right direction to open communication?

Players want a fun, competitive, fair, and balanced game, SG wants money, what is a happy compromise for both? What changes could be made in favor of this compromise?

Is it the time and repetitiveness that’s dragging players down or have many players always felt down about the game but played anyways with hopes of improvement?

Idk what the right solutions are to improving the game for both SG and the players, but an open discussion amongst the player base and reading material for SG is a start.

Fee free to add to the questions above, as well answers to the questions. Try to keep responses within forum rules so that we can all see what is said rather than flag mania.

Thanks, hope this helps both parties. See how it goes.


One thing I’ve noticed in the forum in when anyone tries to explain that they are still positive and enjoying the game, that they get attacked as being “cherleaders” of SG.

For me, what keeps me positive is how I monitor my own expectations. Maybe it’s because I’m not a long-time gamer and have no experience with these types of games so I don’t compare it to other games. I enjoy the time-wasting, entertainment value I get from playing.

I’m not interested in being in the top 100, or staying on top of any leaderboard. I’m not in a hurry to see the “end” of my game in missions. To my mind, playing every day when I’m relaxing, or bored, or want to waste time, is why I play any mobile game.

I really don’t understand the hurry or the negativity … and yes, I now expect to be attacked for saying something relatively positive.


Hopefully players keep this thread constructive and not destructive. @zephyr1 @Kerridoc @Rook u guys may wanna check in on this thread once in awhile


I won’t profess to have nearly as much experience in the for-profit gaming industry as many others in this forum, so take my comments with that grain of salt.

My reaction is that SG has most likely been balancing the game the way they do with the intent of maximizing profits, which means they set up the RNG/odds to maximize how much revenue they can get from a relatively small handful of big spenders. This is complete guesswork, but I wouldn’t be surprised if like half their revenue comes from the top 1% of spenders.

With that as my overarcing assumption, it’s easy to understand why the other 99% of players would feel frustrated.

Using myself as an example (and again, there’s a lot of guess work here, because I haven’t been keeping track): I buy all the gem offers that come with other stuff, but I don’t think I’ve ever bought gems by themselves. This gives me enough gems to skip raid chest timers regularly, and do probably 50ish summon pulls per month, on average. In the year I’ve been playing, I’d guess I’ve spent around $1500. That’s practically NOTHING for SG, and yet I’d also bet I’m somewhere in the top 10% of spenders. I’ve also got a second account which is C2P (only bought the year-long VIP pass), and has been active for like three months. Between those two accounts, I’ve still only got like 1/3rd of the available 5* heroes. (And only ONE so far on the C2P account.)

Now, I’m not personally frustrated, or feeling negative about the game. But I can EASILY see how others in a similar position might feel that way.

In the long run, I think it’s possible that SG will end up losing the majority of players over this, and that would kill the game. The whales will leave when there’s nobody else for them to beat up on. At the same time, I assume SG is aware of this possibility, and has tempered their profiteering (maybe the wrong word?) accordingly already. I’m sure they have a much better handle on what it takes to keep a player base sticking around, based on research, while I’m just speculating.

All that being said, I think the only way SG can reduce general negativity about the game would be to increase the summon odds. And I suspect that’s not as profitable for them to do, so it may just be an “it is what it is” situation. Those of us who do still enjoy it will keep playing, and others will come and go, and that’s life.


It’s the Baskin Robbins complex for many.

Offer someone chocolate or vanilla and they’re perfectly happy.

Introduce 30 more flavors and it turns into a nightmare that can only be expressed in negativity.

Some people like the additional options, some people like the simplicity of less.

But there have been studies done that people will become unhappier with more. And that’s what we’re getting.


Well, and part of that thought process in this case, too, is that the additional layers of options are obviously created for the purposes of generating additional revenue streams. I think the emblems are a big reason that some of the top players have gotten frustrated lately. They thought they were at the top for good, and were annoyed when they found out otherwise.


I’m not bashing sg just gonna inform u all just a little bit.znga purchashed Sm January 1st for 560 million dollars which is about 80%of the company total wealth the rest coming later.small giant has 47 employees that’s 11.9 million dollars per employee.SG had 24 million downloads the past 18 months of there top 4 games.Small giant had bookings of over 190 million dollars last year alone including 41 million dollars in February.this is your money for a phone game.they have cut the chances on getting rare gear toons materials tokens every single aspec of this game has changed to pay to play we’re 6 months ago CTP including FTP had a place in this game now everything is like pulling teeth to get anything anymore just a little info for all of u too know we’re your money is going btw I’m a cheap to play player game is fun it can be heck of a lot better but it’s going to take honest input from everyone […] gl everyone

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My strategy works.
I’m a small to average spender (ViP, some offers and a 10pull each Atlantis and seasonal) and feel fine.

Today I splattered my 700 Atlantis coins in the portal and got…


…and some 3* feeders.

Seems the system wants me to have plenty of healing. Don’t have many hitters, but can keep em at good health. :sunglasses: :rofl:

I like the game and wouldn’t complain about things, that are like they are. It’s my decision and I never would ruin me for the game and then come here to cry.

Keep it up. I also will.


I’m trying… :slight_smile:


Got any evidence to support that statement?


I used to play more than I do now. I wish they would add something new, something different. I’ve been playing for over a year now and it feels like nothing’s changed. Some players, myself included, may just be getting bored without major changes or something to renew our interest


I think SG is adding new things…

Release of new heroes?
(PENDING) New buildings
(PENDING) New skins/clothing

If you want new gameplay you may need to look elsewhere, but I think (within the game meta) SG is adding plenty of new items.


SG is doing more than they used to but, for now, they’re just adjusting what was already there. The new buildings should bring a nice twist when they come though. Just don’t know when that will be


This is the one I’m excited about. Oh and also the raid events.


You’re right about that.

I don’t think so. I look at high-levelled players from now and on and their progress more or less correspond to their level.

They could respond at least to reccurent ideas. AMA session (with a reply from SG) could be one of the ways to open communication.

Higher chances of summoning legendary heroes, especially old HotMs. Adding old heroes to TC / Elemental Gate.


And, I met a lot of great people. I’m even planning on meeting with some of them in real life soon :blush:


Personal experience honestly along with our small league been playing for about 220 days in the last 90 days minus events I have received zero teir 4 or 5 ascension items everyone single person in our league has noticed absolute garbage from monster,raid and titan boxes is this coincidence I don’t think so.I have 3 level 5 hero’s I can’t ascend fully because I’m missing one or 2 top tier materials look I figure maybe by next Christmas I’ll get what I’ll need because I’ll be able to buy one or two of them from the Christmas calendar because I surely won’t get them from anything else unlike it used to be


Is possitivity lucurative? Maybe we spend more frustrated, on the edge of a break down?? I, for sure, prefer to be content rather than frustrated, but I must admitt that it is the struggle to get the rare items, that keeps it interesting…

Maybe frustration is an important part of keeping the game alive and ”relevant”


Slink someone along time ago when I used to play wow that the best way to play this game is expect nothing that way when u do get something your pleasantly surprised and honestly I try and play that way.btw lol I just got a sturdy shield from my tian kill lol 1st one in forever now all I need is 2 tonics for Evelyn ugh I might be dead b4 I get it but ohh well keep trying


Whatever you guys say or make a new ton of posts wont change SG minds,if they were smart the prices would be half as it is now and their profits way bigger anyway,i suggest to evryone to find a good alliance make friends have fun win wars loose wars and no drama be thankfull for what u have feel good for what you have accomplished so far and thats its this game is like going to a casino


I didn’t understand the question at first.

My new reply is - No, they haven’t. They don’t react on great improvements let alone offer anything solid for real money. And, the loot has been nerfed drastically! They care only about their money…


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