Another suggestion for game developing

I saw some funny suggestions that members mentioned, for example someone said game consider prize for 1 member of each alliance and etc.
I want to define some suggestions either I hope engineers and developer consider them and other player’s suggestion.

  1. Game need to define some factors to rate players based on their level, like activity, progress speed of leveling up and etc, during each month consider prize for player who are top rated . It will be motivation for new members and change game from based on money to based on activity, as we know the number of players are more important than players who spend money because they never stay and spend money when the number of players decrease.
  2. Design some extra mind game for special titans and each player could do them get extra energy or time to attack titan, not just wait for flask. Idea like this expand puzzle part of game and can be more amusing.
  3. Again design some maps that just have 2 or 3 ways to solve not more like tables and it makes game based on talent and attention not just money.
    Hence, there are many ways to make game more fun and make money more and I just think several days and find these idea that are not perfect so I believe for expert team like E&P team find great ideas is easier.
    I hope game consider what players want like past because as a person who loved game so much it makes me sad to see game rate is decreasing.

Hey, I can’t find out how to post an own topic on my own… My idea is to create more types of names an alliance member could reach. At the moment you have: member, elder, vice-leader & leader. What about types like: berzerk, barbarian, marshalk, joker, etc.???

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