An awesome little update

Hello E&P community!

Long time lurker, first time poster, Be kind!
I’ve been really enjoying the new (and the old) content that has been added to the game, It was my first time going after Master Lepus and his sidekicks during the Springvale event, finally being able to finish Season 2 and the new Raid Tournament has been so much fun!

But even though all of these have been great I wanted to talk about a small change that wasn’t even mentioned in the patch notes, which I personally really like.

They finally got rid of that awkward looking frame on top of your screen which appeared during the battle if you were using a smartphone with 18:9 display.
I know, I know…! It’s a silly little thing to point out, but the fact that they took their time to fix something that wasn’t necessarily “broken” makes me appreciate their work a little bit more!

Thanks SGG!


I’ll share pictures to make it more clear what I’m talking about here



As you can see the game actually uses the whole screen after the update


Welcome to the forum @Anari

Yup, that’s pretty niche!

But I always love a positive post; have a balloon :balloon:


And I love balloons, Thanks! :balloon:


I agree, that used to annoy me as well. I’m glad it’s gone.

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