Allow us to assign a preset team for certain tasks (Attack,Defense, Titan, Farm,etc

I started a raid, and instead of using my standard attack team, it changed to my default defense team. It would be nice if the system “remembered” which team we used last for certain tasks such as farming, raid attacks, defense and titan attacks instead of it changing. Or if possible being able to assign more than just a defense team. Such as titans, attacks, defense, etc. Possibly even being able to customize or name the various teams we use for easier reference.


You can customise five different teams for various tasks. All you need to do is swipe through and select the correct one before you begin whatever activity you are about. It’s a bit tricky when I’m blackout drunk, but if I’m sober I do not find it at all difficult.

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The issue for me with raiding is that previously it remembered which team slot I last used, so if I’m distracted or tired I can forget to make sure which team I’m using for a raid.
I do the same with my titan and farming teams, but generally my titan teams can handle farming well, just usually being slower to finish since they’re imbalanced colorwise.

The game is apparently resetting the team used for raids to Slot 1, rather than to the default Defense team. If you change your standard attack team to Slot 1 where your current defense team is, the bug should be less of an inconvenience.

Edit: There’s a difference between raiding and titans - correct wording substituted.

i guess it hasn’t happened to you yet. Your reply is juvenile.


Is it? In what way? Is that a bad thing?

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I have five teams set up, and before the update I had had three. To suggest that I was not aware of that means you may lack basic reading comprehension or possibly you’re just a sarcastic troll. I raided six times with the exact same raid team. I turned the game off and returned later once the raid energy had refilled and picked an opponent expecting that my raid attack team would still be selected as that is typically the case. It had reset to the default defense team which has a different function than my attack team. I lost the fight and wasted my energy. I made a suggestion that we should be able to select a team that defaults for certain functions instead of just raid defense. I don’t recall that ever happening prior to this last update, so it may be a glitch.

One’s raid attack team defaults to slot 1, which wasn’t the case before the update. I’m sure that you read about this change in the forum, or that you noticed it when it first occurred.

I certainly got a surprise the first time it happened to me, but it took just a minute to adjust, and since then it has only been a source of confusion when I have been unreasonably drunk. It’s a simple paradigm that allows you to set a default attack team - never previously possible - with the advantage of not reverting to custom teams that are inappropriate for the next raid. If one wants to save those, one can store them in other slots. Pretty sweet, really.

But I’m still a bit baffled about what was juvenile in my previous post, and whether that was a good or a bad thing. Never mind - I guess the mystery will persist!

I’ve moved this thread over to Ideas and Feature Requests.

I agree it would be great to have tags for various functions, like we do know for defense.

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The problem with your response is that it adds no value to the conversation. I said it would nice to have this feature. Maybe you don’t care if you can preset teams that the system will use in those situations… I’m glad it is perfect just the way it is in your world. Maybe you don’t make a post on the subject if it doesn’t pertain to you. I didn’t ask for an explaination on how to swipe right while I’m drunk. It was a request to allow presets for to be assigned for various tasks.

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Ever since the new update my teams keep resetting to #1. I’m used to the game remembering them so I’ve lost plenty of raids already by attacking with my defense team.

It used to be the way it’s supposed to be. Something’s changed.

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I’ll ask in this thread, since apparently we’re not looking for repeated questions before starting new threads anymore.

Is this a new issue for everyone? Because I’ve had it since I started playing. Keeping slot one as raid attack does become second nature very quickly.

What happens in the forum is that you describe your experiences and opinions, then other people respond with their own feedback and experiences. We share our varying perspectives and broaden our minds. Shockingly, this is not just a venue for you to vent.

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Yes, the slot reset for raiding alone is new to me. Prior to this update the game always remembered my previous slot used for raiding and always defaulted there, usually team 3 in my case.
It still remembers my last slot used on the map, 2 or 3 depending on whether I was farming or hitting a Titan, without defaulting elsewhere.

you can chose your defence team, why not an attack team or titan team? i like the idea. or we could rename the teams, team 1, 2… isn’t really useful.

Excellent idea @StealthNinja. I keep using my non-raid team in raids as it defaults to the defense team. I switch frequently from farming, to quests, to Titan attacks and to raids within a particular session. Easy to get caught off guard and hit “attack” before double checking your team (and no, I am not drink when it’s happening either! Lol)

I think software should make things easier. Why remember which team is which and swipe every time if we can make software do that for us?

Because different players play in different ways, and while setting default teams for various functions might suit some playing styles, it is likely to be disadvantageous to many other playing styles.

For example, having five pre-set teams as we do now allows players who primarily care about raids to set five different attack teams, each tailored to a different colour tank. It allows players who primarily care about Titans to set five different Titan attack teams, each tailored to a different colour Titan. It allows players who primarily care about Alliance Wars to select their first five war teams before the war starts. And it lets players with a mix of concerns set whatever mix of raid attack, raid defence, Titan attack and alliance war default teams they want.

Arbitrarily assigning various default roles to the preset teams would make things harder for a lot of players, not easier.

If you have a different way of playing, then find a proposal that works for that style.
Don’t crap on people who actually thought of a way to make the game better for their style of playing.

(by the way … you really think there are people who set up their teams purely based on the colour of a tank, without thinking of the other heroes or the special abilities?)

There are many different ways of playing. My opinion is that the current availability of five different preset teams is flexible enough to suit multiple styles, which is why I advocate not changing it. That is, if you like, my “proposal”.

And certainly, I would never “crap on people” for suggesting anything. I would happily crap on suggestions I think ought not to be implemented, however, and I would hope everyone else would, too. An honest exhange of ideas can be quite valuable.

(Btw, of course there are people who set up their teams based purely on tank colour.)

In that case, I happily crap on your suggestion, not to improve this. :slight_smile:

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