Allow us to assign a preset team for certain tasks (Attack,Defense, Titan, Farm,etc

I think we should be able to make as many teams as we want and give them suitable names. There can be a drop-down menu that we can press and select which team we want, or create a custom team for that one occasion.

With all the swiping we have to do now to select one of our 5 teams, it’s easy to think you swiped to the left 3 times, but only swiped twice before hitting the raid button.

Sounds as if you, like me, are a heavy drinker.

Haha. No, I don’t drink.

I empathise anyway. Have the same problem when I drink.


Question if I reset my defence team fir raids is that now my defence team until I reset it or is the team I clicked defence for always my defence team

Raid defense stays set at the team you’ve flagged as defense. War defense is completely separate.

Did that answer your question?

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