Alliance wars becoming boring and frustrating

I think the most obvious and serious problem are the boards in favor of one alliance and unfavorable for another, it is not even an individual, it is the entire alliance in general, it is as if from the beginning of the war you already know who will win.

You think is this rigth?


It is just that, only in your thoughts. Either that is factual, or your alliance just sucked in that alliance war.


No offense meant (just stating a fact), but your opponent is substantially stronger than you seem to be from perusing your alliance members. Quite frankly I’m surprised to see them fighting a 133k war and would expect a one-sided war.

I hope your next wars will be a better match :grinning:

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Your are facing one of the top alliances. Just checked the troop levels and its definitely a mismatch. The questions should be not about boards but about how the hell you were matched vs such strong opponent!?

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The board/ puzzle looks to be set from the beginning of the war and in one alliance favor. We are facing a very big missmatch ( all enemies have teams +4500 while we have 15 with teams between 4100 and 4400 hp) … yet the board give “random” puzzle oposite to your atac team color !

What is your war history? Did you have a good run of wins before this match? Then it can be likely to match a much stronger opponent.
Good luck in war, I hope this one is better matched

After the update this is supposed to be fixed, although it seems “more balanced” this war, there are bugs to be resolved in the event that a battle reaches the time limit, who wins there? The defender, you as an attacker lose no matter what, which I don’t find fair, must win the one with the most heroes at stake since it is understood that you have violated more damage and your tactic was superior

Your opponent wins, as they still had heros on the battlefield. Only way we score a victory is defeating every hero on the opposing side.


I know and understand, but my point is that this situation is not fair

Sorry to say that team really isnt great for offence. Work on some colour stacking to increase damage and match your buffs, defence up plus riposte is counter productive.

Ripost can be fine against hitters but I agree, they are a bad choice against an opponent strong on healers, not making any damage to reflect.

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The truth I don’t have much to choose from, I don’t have a single troop at maximum level and the heroes don’t have the maximum network of talents either, if the game were another, I accept, but in this there are few options, even with different equipment, often the board does not help at all

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