Alliance War Tutorial

Where do I access the Alliance War tutorial so that I may participate in Alliance wars? My only visible option is to allow or disallow my defense team but I am not allowed to uncheck my defense team until I do an Alliance wars tutorial. There are no other check boxes on the page. Thank you.

You gave to wait for war matchmaking to start.

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You will get the tutorial at the start of the next war.

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The last war ended presumably on Wednesday or Tuesday and the war chest emptied and has started to fill again. When does the war start if not now?

Matching will start on Friday afternoon (US east coast).

Thank you, wish there was a more obvious FAQ about this. I would give you some cups if I could!


I wrote a whole Primer on it here Primer

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Maybe you could add a tag to it? It doesn’t show up when I search for Alliance War Tutorial. I’ll give it a read now.

Query: An alliance member wants to opt out of wars but they can’t until they resolve the Alliance War Tutorial.

Will they be able to opt out in time assuming the tute only comes out during war matchmaking? I’m supposing the answer is yes…

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Thank you I really appreciate that

There are several threads on this topic, none of them completely answer the common question.

If the player does not complete the tutorial, will they be left out of wars and matchmaking?

If the tutorial is completed, they will be able to opt out during this short window and not be included in matchmaking and the war?

So I waited for the war matchmaking in the middle of the night. Could not uncheck during the process. Went through the tutorial. You can also not set a team of < 5 players any longer, it will not let you save such a team.

Conclusion: New Alliance players are not able to opt out for their first war after joining. Terrible default…

I do know that they are automatically defaulted into wars, unless the entire alliance opts out. Otherwise, they must complete the tutorial and participate in the first war.

I don’t know what happens if they don’t complete the tutorial.

I agree, it’s a terrible default. I’ve always had to create a second alt alliance for new players to do their tutorials there in order to avoid messing things up for the rest of the main alliance.

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