Alliance War purposely presents opponents with only a weak hero in a team

Alliance War purposely presents opponents with only a weak hero in a team.
please to quickly fix the problem.
There should be a minimum team with heroes, so no one can cheat thus.
Here is a screenshot of the Allianz Krieg team pitching problem.

Thank you so much!

Sincerely, Nihat


I agree that this is a miserable tactic, however, one thing they cannot game out- their total point score has to be 2000 points. Look again and see where those points have gone to/ where to target. It would be better if they were forced to spectator for pulling this and lose their attacks or perhaps lose a flag for every gap in your line. Then this sort of cheese might be quickly shut down. Instead it persists. This is our 10th war and we still have 4 of the 26 opponents doing this. I also wish it was shutdown/ stopped.

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That battle screens shows what defenses the opponents chose to use. It would be wrong for the Alliance War (Allianz Krieg) to show something else.

We are facing the same problem in our Alliance War right now. Although we got lots of points by fighting and winning against the few teams which are “full”, it reduces the fun we had up to now a lot.

Wow. They’ve discover an unbeatable strategy. How amazing. I wonder why nobody else ever thought of it.

I guess now you’re doomed to lose. You should use this strategy yourselves from now on and you will surely win every war.


The total value of an alliance is always 2000 points (or 2000 + 2000, now I do not know for sure). If an alliance consists of 25 players and 20 have a defense of a hero (typical value 8 + 8) means that there are five teams that have a value of 1840 + 1840).
With focus on killing those five teams as many times as possible and ignoring the others you have won the war 99% of the time.

The tactics of a single hero only work if the opposing alliance focuses on attacking weak teams ignoring the strong ones. In that case you are losing valuable flags (you only have 6 per player) in exchange for a few points.

By the way, it is an erroneous, suicidal and useless tactic. But not a bug or a trap or a “dirty tactic”

You are of course totally right. But it is just boring to wait until these few teams can be attacked again. I really hope that those guys using this tactic realize very fast that this way of playing is not useful.

This tactic destroys the enjoyment of the game for new/weaker players.

It gives than no chance to fight against the stacked defences of the defending team.

It is in sportsman like, unfair, and could quite reasonably be considered cheating.

It must be stamped out as it is ruining the game for some players.

Do we really have to take this nonsense seriously again? Are people incapable of doing a ten second forum search before they post? Okay:

  • This tactic vastly empowers newer and weaker players, because even their weakest most useless teams of heroes can wipe out ooponents and collect bonuses, while their stronger teams can work together to kill the tougher opponents.

  • It is totally fair, would be innovative if it was new, and is totally stupid in that it has been tried multiple times and never works (unless the team facing it is a little… shall we say ‘slow’?).

  • It can only be ruining the game for the fools who use it. For everyone else it creates easy kills for weaker team members, great learning opportunities and easy wins. (It can even be a bit of a disappointment to see it, because it tells you you’re in for a walkover.)

  • This has been discussed many, many times in the forum already. It is magical to me that anyone could contribute to the forum and not know this.


Thank you Brobb. Exactly.

You have problem with my!?
I can your very good helping !

Um… yeeeeees? Or thank you? I’m not certain.

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