Alliance War leaving problem!

It happenes all the time. People leave the alliance at the beginning of a war and the whole alliance is in disadvantage. It’s not ok that everyone will be punished because of people who aren’t thinking of opting out of a war before the war starts or who are just a**holes.

I would like to hear your opinions about it but the truth is I want you to support my point :sweat_smile:


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@Kerridoc @zephyr1

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Could easily be solved by some restrictions.

All members opted in for matchmaking shouldn’t be able to leave or at least should be fielded anyway.

Another great improvement would be a restriction to take part for at least one war after joining.

Some other little changes could be effective, for example, if an alliance was just set up. No wars for the first two weeks or sth like that.

@Olmor I like your idea - when war preparing start you can’t leave alliance.
This should be in game

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Sorry, could get merged :see_no_evil:

Like your ideas and the ones from the other thread :see_no_evil:

Maybe the points your alliance offers and the ones you can get our your opponent can get are changing when somebody leaves. I think I’m not able to make good suggestions for solving this problem :disappointed_relieved:

I see it all the time in my alliance or our opponent alliances. It’s also a frequent topic in different Line or Discord groups. Really frustrating because you did nothing wrong.

People joining your alliance, taking part in the war and leaving right now. Others quitting the game for reasons like: I’m to weak for this alliance, the other players are to weak for me, no time, fun is gone, ascentions mats a to rare or hero complaints etc.

Unfortunately not everyone is a team player, or cares that they are hurting the rest of the team by leaving…some players just join alliances for the chance at higher level titans and better loot.

Just because someone can’t leave after war is set, doesn’t mean they will use their flags.

The war chest doesn’t reset, but when you join another group, your percentage for participation in that group’s wars starts over at zero.

Leadership in the group can help by having clear rules and making sure everyone knows what is expected. Then follow up, which may mean kicking members who don’t follow them. While no one likes to lose members, if that sort of thing is tolerated you will end up losing more, as many people who are following the rules and pulling their weight will not stay in a group with that going on.

Annoying to have multiple accounts just to influence wars. Put weaker in for matchmaking and after that leave to have only strong teams on field.

A very cheatlike exploit of the mechanics, which should be ended soon.

If the weaker are in for matching, then leave alliance, would that not leave their teams still on the field as “ex-member” ?

But unable to use flags…After matching, as I understand it, you can leave during prep phase but must be back before start of war or you are automatically in spectator mode and unable to participate.

Maybe I am missing something here, but that seems to put them at a disadvantage, with easy targets on the field that can’t hit back.

@zephyr1 @Rook @Kerridoc — Is this a problem? Our alliance personally hasn’t seen this going on that I have been aware of.

As far as I know this is going to happen only, if the members leave, when the war allready started. Sadly the opponents fielding can’t be viewed before the start.

That could also be a possible solution, if the fielding was set up completely direct after matchmaking.

Game could force players to stay in the alliance, but can’t force participation. A player that leaves in the middle of the war likely wouldn’t care to use his/her flags anyway, so the alliance is without enough flags anyway.

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That doesn’t matter for the problem, since being opted out won’t count for matchmaking.

I see what you’re saying, We always are looking at their member list… seeing if there’s some familiar names, getting an idea of levels, troop strength, heroes they may have and how long they’ve been there.

I haven’t seen what you are describing…even tho many alliances that have a group of “sister” alliances do shuffle people around in between wars, when they joined is noted when you check their profile. Even of you can’t see their field, you can see the alliance member list once matching is done so it should be easy to see if that changes, and if they are able to participate. (they shouldn’t)

I don’t know if showing the opponent’s field after matching is going to help what you are describing. I am thinking you believe they are substituting different players in for weaker ones after matching is done, during prep phase? Maybe going back to you can’t leave and return at all (and be in the war) after matching is done?

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The problem is just leaving of weaker members after matchmaking, so that the field only will contain the powerful.

Everything else isn’t possible. Joining after matchmaking forces spectator mode and rejoining won’t harm anything.

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So the ones that left, after matching is done, don’t show up on the field as ex-members? That doesn’t seem right…and if that is what is happening then I agree, should be fixed.

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They show up as ex-member and if they rejoin, they can take part again in war.

The last change on the Alliance War Change Log was on January 14:

“War Chest participation no longer resets when leaving the Alliance. It now resets when participating in a war for another alliance.”

This allowed players to Merc in between wars. What it doesn’t state is what happens after matchmaking begins.

I believe a player who was part of an alliance at matchmaking is allowed to go and come back so long as the war hasn’t started. I do not believe an outside player is allowed to join after matchmaking is in progress; they would be a spectator.

@Petri, can you please confirm?

It seemed more that those weaker players were not returning, leaving only the strong teams…but it would seem if they were there for matching process they would still be targets on the field?

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If the matchmaking is done prior to these weak players leaving, it really doesn’t matter if they leave.

Example: Alliance A has a War Score of 489,000 and Alliance B has a War Score of 492,000. Five weak players leave Alliance A, dropping it’s score slightly.

Well this sucks.

But it only gives an advantage to Alliance B because those players took their 5 x 6 = 30 flags with them.

This is not the fault of Alliance B, but the fault of the players who left.

Now if suddenly five stronger players join Alliance A, after the matchmaking process but before the war, and are permitted to play War, THIS is an issue…and I’d want to see screenshots, because I don’t think it is allowed.


They’re going to get fielded anyway?

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