I propose some punishment for those who quit in WAR


I propose some punishment for those who quit in the WAR. it is quite annoying and harmful for the alliance when someone enters and once the enemy is designated or even worse in full war and they leave the alliance with that problem and while they continue to do wrong … there should be or a penalty for the bad player or a help to the alliance when this happens … I am tired of this situation and many others too … please do something to solve this problem.


Your title “flee” in war should be “leave” or “quit”, I think. It is useful to flee in war sometimes when the battle is lost to prevent an imminent heal, nothing wrong with that.

We should be able to track down and kill anyone that leaves an alliance after the war starts, don’t get me wrong, they are scum.


Thank you… I fix it


Yeah this is so hard to police.
Those people suck.

Maybe a war timer, they miss the very next war for any alliance? Maybe double their titan chest cooldown?


War chest resets to zero as punishment? If it is at zero, then a cooldown timer seems appropriate.


War chest is for participarting, should be no rewards for those who don’t use any hits either.

No hits, no rewards in Chest, simples!

As for those that leave they should all rights any chest from that allience including the next/new allience for at keast the next upcoming AW.

In fact, all new allience members should be hitting participates in at least 2 AW’s before having their chest activated to receive rewards and if they leave they loss it.



We lost this war for 3 dummies quitting just this war … come on guys do something in our favor


I think you can’t do anything about that. It is very disappointing when people suddenly go or become inactive after matchmaking phase, but in my opinion choosing your members and finding good loyal and active members is one of the most important factors of running a strong alliance. And keeping them like that the most difficult!
I don’t believe the players that abandoned your alliance in the middle of the fight were active members (of the alliance, not the game) and then all of a sudden they just left…

We had the same problem in the past. We decided that even if we could aim finding stronger members and ditching smaller recruits, to have as our first priority loyal and social players more, even if we were going to lose a few wars… Especially the first few months we kicked many strong passing players that wasn’t so active and looked unreliable.
Luckily, we now run a good reliable team and we know each other well enough to actively play, until the end of an aw or a titan, even if someone have decided to quit or leave for a stronger alliance!
And this was a major factor that made the difference in winning some wars! Leveling it with some kind of penalty would damage alliances like ours that invested in personal relationships and each member’s development in favor of just relying on stronger, bounded to an alliance due to a penalty, players!