Alliance Grounds and Buildings ;-)

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I was thinking about more Options and Interaction for Alliances and came to the Point that it would be great that Alliances can build structures like a Stronghold, a Marketplace, Storages, Training facilities, Treasure room, forge, a weapondealer and a Armory and of course houses for recrits.

The Stronghold is needed to Build up further structures and contains a storageroom and provides housing for recruits.

To set it up its needed to implement a new Type of resources like Gold that only Alliances are abel to use.
Gold is needed for all Alliance Options.

A Marketplace would be a great Option to Exchange needed items with other members. How often it can be used and what Kind of Items are tradeable depends on the Level of the Marketplace.
To prevent abusal u have to be in the Alliance for about 5 Days before u can use the Market. Items can only be traded if they consist the same Level of rarity. After the Trade the Member is delayed with a Timer before he can use the market again. It should be possible to reset the Timer by using gems.

There are two Kinds of Storagerooms. Food and Iron, where members can store and take an amount of xxx resources depending on Level and/or Alliance Rank once a day.

The treasureroom is needed to store the Gold. Alliance members gain this Gold as Addition in Missions, Quest, Bountys and Titans. It also can be bought with jewels.
With Gold u can also buy items at the weapondealer and the Armory. Its needed to Upgrade the structures to gain Access for better items.

The Allianceforge is needed to Convert items in a another one of the same Type and rarity. Better items cane bei forged by upgrading the forge and after invention.

Traingfacilities are needed to Build and Upgrade troops.
Structure level 1-5 Buy 1* Troops of invented color
6-10 Upgrade 1* into 2*
11-15 2* into 3*
16-20 3* into 4*
Every Single step has to be invented.

Another facility would be needed to Build Special Alliance-Heroes as a defending Force. Other allys can attack the own Alliance to gather Gold. Those fights should work like the Attack on Titans, so every Member of an Enemy Alliance has limited amount of Attacks.

The Heroes are especially powerful, and can be Leveld in the well known way. Its also an Option to use this Heroes to attack more powerful Titans. Every Member can use These Heroes to attack the SuperTitans once or twice a day.

Thats all for the Moment.
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I also suggested somewhere else an alliance town where you could buld some buildings for different purposes. I like the idea but since I think it would take too long to implement, I suggest here a single alliance building.

Call it a palace, magic center, science or research lab… whatever. It’s purpose would be to allow huge donations from the alliance members (iron, food or future items). The leaders could use donated items to upgrade the alliance features. For instance:

  • Number of members: +1 members by using 20M food and 10M iron, +2 members using an additional 40M food and 20M iron, +3 with 80M food and 40M iron… +4 and +5

  • % attack strength against titans: +1% using 10M food and 5M iron … + 10% using 100M food and 50M iron

  • % defense against titans: +1% … +10%

  • % accuracy against titans

  • % att, def, acc againt players…

  • other bonuses or boosts, like +1second of battle duration against titans… This bonuses vould also be useful for future events.


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