Alliance Energy: Instant refill after kill


We have this situation, after killing a titan, just before the time is up, we have only 1 hour to regenerate Alliance Energy.
Than you know, you can’t defeat the next one, because all your mates have to wait 12 hours for a complete refill.

We think, it would be nice, if we get an instant refill, after the titan is defeated.


That defeats the whole point of strategizing against Titans imo. One of the fun aspects of this game for me is coming up with Strategies against different Titans. Our Alliance started with killing 1* now we are at 7*. We do have to think about skipping a 8* if we are not starting with full flags or sometimes we have think about letting the heavy hitters not hit the titan after 11h mark so that they can start with full flags on the next one.


Hrm. Objectively maybe this would make sense from a game design perspective… but subjectively, well, I flatly hate ANYTHING which would make me burn even MORE consumables than I already am, because the farming situation is really really bad for the low level consumables that are so prized for titan fights currently.

So, sadly, no thank you :).


Mh, naaaah.
Too easy this way and best hitters get always on top.


I think it is fine the way it is - we message one another to figure out what to do in these situations, kill and lay down, use a flask etc. Usually I call off the heavy hitters when it is clear that we are going to take it not only to give us the 3 strikes on the new one but also so the newer folks can have all the ‘glory’ of killing a 5* titan. If we all got regenerated we probably wouldn’t chat as much :slight_smile:


You should at least be able buy alliance refills


Sometimes you can. Regularly check the shop for this one:



One word of caution about the refill flasks for titans:

They are very hard to come by.
It is not possible to just buy them whenever you wish. And when you can buy them - like in the offer, which I also purchased - they do not come cheap. Once in a blue moon, they drop from chests. But “once in a blue moon” is not a reliable source …

Thus, it is a good idea to not just blow these flasks but to save them for a time of need. Like using one to bring down a titan that would otherwise flee.

In our alliance, flasks may be used only if the leadership agrees. They are just too valuable to blow without any special reason.


I just got a flask from a Titan chest. My first in ages. Absolutely agree with you!


I haven’t purchased flasks; over the past about 7 months I average around 3 / month


lucky you!
I have 14 alliance energy flasks … many of them purchased … but I gave about 28 raid flasks sitting around … although I do use one once in a blue moon.


I would like to be able to buy it in resources just like you can world and raid refills for 100 gems.


The game has not made it available that way. Please keep your eyes on Featured items, looking for the Flask purchase “Energy Drink Pack”:



I would like to be able to buy it in resources just like you can world and raid refills for 100 gems. The game does not make it that way people make the game that way. The idea is to buy refills of alliance refills for 100 gems. Not flasks for 1200 every now and then. We or at least I’m spending over 6000 gems a month trying to get good hero’s which rarely happens.


You can add that idea to the Shortlist. I’m not sure if that will make it to their drawing board, but you can certainly try.


Always thinked that people mostly use gems to buy heroes and/or troops.
Recently i learned that many spenders not only use a huge amount of gems to get HotM and event heroes, but often even to purchase multiple ascension packs, trainers pack and flasks offers.

I really feel poor right now :older_man:


Hardly anyone buys ascension packs TBH. Trainer packs aren’t useful after the first two months or so, and why buy flask offers when they aren’t needed at the high end anyway which is where most big spenders wind up over time?

The big one you’re missing actually is accelerating the chests, lots of people do that.

I’m actually surprised that more people don’t put money into troops, you know exactly what you’ll get with those.


exactly. If anyone in 7dd is spending on the 600 gem ascension packs, they’re certainly quiet about it. Over 3 months I’ve seen 1-2 “I spent 600 gems and got arcane scripts. @#$!#!%” messages.

The trainer tools pack is relatively good value when you’re first starting to build your 70s out and hitting 8* titans and below. back in sept-oct those were good value for me. Now not really anymore.

I’ve never bought the flask packs…not enough value to me to be worth the $12 in gems.