Alliance Chat Always Available

I’m sure this has been mentioned but the last post I could find was several years old. It would be amazing to be able to access chat during all game time such as farming, titan hits, war hits, etc. There are plenty of times I’ve been grinding in game and go to the main screen only to see I’ve been behind on an important discussion. During war hits it would provide an outlet to coach less developed team members on certain moves or heroes to hit instead of waiting til the hit is over and discussing what happened. I also believe that while we’re all grinding events or farming it could increase the unity between alliance members instead of only being able to chat while being sedentary in game. Why not be able to do it all? I’ve played other games where this chat feature was available and it’s excellent.

You got my vote. Plus plus plus


I’ve never thought of this and like the idea. Especially during AR i find myself falling behind on alliance chat because I’m farming as much as possible. I like the idea. If I could chat while autofarming that would be ideal.


Got my Vote. Agree wholeheartedly. Only surprised that this didn’t strike me or anyone earlier…

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It is a very good idea :slight_smile:


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