Alchemy lab for 1* and 2* troops

Option to merge 1* troops together to form 2*/3*/Trainer Troops.
At higher levels 1* troops become useless, i.e. cost of food (too high) vs XP for Troop Training (too low).
Could we have an option to merge troops and iron to get fewer, but more useful troop options.
Maybe this could be done in HA or the Barracks?
Maybe even a new building (university)?

If this isn’t a good suggestion… What are you doing with your 1* troops?

I feed them to either low level 4* troops or to some 2* or 3* troops for tourneys and events. I don´t foresee myself running out of options in the next few years. I mean once I finish 3 mana troops in each color (hahaha) I´ll probably do a Ninja? but I am going to bet my account on it that we´ll have more new troops long before that will happen…