Advice for use of Glove ascension item

Advice needed on which 4 Star hero to ascend. I FINALLY got a glove ascension item, but several heroes who need it.

I’ve narrowed it down to Melendor, Boril, Li Xi, or Danzaburo.

All have advantages depending on the situation, so it’s a tough decision.
Thanks in advance.

Without knowing the rest of roster, I suggest Melendor 1st.
I also ask with my post… you can decide what you need.

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Healers. Cant survive without healers.

I’d do mel, boril, danz and li in that order.

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I narrowed it down to Mel and Boril.
I use Mel a lot more than Boril, so thinking Mel before Boril

Mel Boril Li Xiu Danzaburo

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