Ability to invite players to join alliances directly

Hi, it would be great if players could directly invite others to join their alliance.

It could cut down spam in the chat rooms but also allow players to invite past friends where you both might have left an alliance and are now unable to directly communicate outside of the chat rooms

Only if they weren’t in an alliance and you could reject the offer else it really becomes spam.


Good call! Also that you could block invites from players or only 1 invite from player to player in case they kept hunting you

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In my opinion, this would result in all players not in an alliance being spammed constantly. Even a block option would force the one being ‘hunted’ to spend too much time blocking…


Seeing a public chat I think it would be too big spam for players without alliance. I think it’s bad idea.

There should be an individual option for this. A check box to allow or not receiving direct messages from other players. This way spam could be avoided with a single tap, and direct communication would still be available if wanted.


I don’t think SG will be enabling private messaging in the game - there are too many possibilities for abuse. Remember that children also play this game.


You got a point there… unfortunately with no direct communication just inviting a total stranger to join would be pointless for you and annoying for the targets. Anyway if SG would have wanted the game to have this feature it would be have been done long ago…

@Witch @JonahTheBard

I can see what you’re saying, but anyone who wants to opt in to invites can probably motivate themselves to finding an alliance!

Also, agree with @witch that SG are very reticent to allow any form of personal messaging (nosey moderators excepted). It’s just a Pandora’s box of possible hurt that they have very little incentive to engage with.


I think its good idea, specially if I want to join an alliance that has a name not on my keyboard to write in search.

Excellent idea! So those that aren’t interested at all could prevent any kind of contact and/ or spam. Good one!

I wouldn’t include a private chat feature. Just the ability to invite. For example, an old alliance friend of mine (and others who joined me in leaving the original alliance), weren’t aware we created a new alliance so we never were able to get in touch again. Tried on chat channels but ended up essentially spamming so gave up. The invite could of just allowed them to join and have a chat then leave if they wanted.

Thanks for the constructive feedback! Really appreciate you taking the time to type your thoughts and join the conversation!

See how poor a form of comedy sarcasm is…

There are other reasons the invite feature would be useful than just you finding an alliance.

Getting in touch with or letting old friends that don’t use chat channels know where you are

Allowing alliances to invite players they specifically want to join, such as friends or respected players

Reducing spam on channels or at minimum hopefully the speed of chat in the recruitment channel (outs crazy fast sometimes)

I agree that trying to contact former friends is difficult and it’s easy to lose touch. Or sometimes people are kicked or refused entry accidentally.

But, just playing devil’s advocate, how could we stop over-zealous recruiters inviting every single eligible person?

The alliance recruitment chatroom is an eye-bleeding bun fight and attempts to create external recruitment chats also turn into 99% recruiters spamming the service.

So I’m very open to any ideas of improvement.

Your idea suits sensible use but can it be made more robust to avoid the concerns that have been mentioned?


That’s completely the idea and the issues with it. I think it could be a great little feature but as you say, it needs thought to get it right and not create problems.

Perhaps the following is a good start?:

-All players are set to “not available” as default

-All leaders and co-leaders only receive 1 shared alliance invite per week (or other suitable time)

-An invite sent will never expire

-Only 1 active invite per alliance can be received lifetime. (Invite is burned by the invitee accepting)

Totalmente de acuerdo

I meant what I wrote and it was not a sarcsm !!
I am not that kind of people!
And I also voted for your idea!
Its not good to think that bad way of me. :angry:

@jedon Would that include alliances using different alphabets, for instance?

@NeliosTG I can see how that would sound sarcastic at first glance, but I would certainly struggle to join an alliance with a Cyrillic or middle Eastern name.

That is quite possibly what Jedon was referring to as he, like many players, is not from the western hemisphere.


@Jedon - sorry if I took your comment the wrong way. My narrow mind thought only that you were referring to it being possible to type any name into the keyboard - not thinking that it could be meaning it’s difficult using different alphabets, keyboards and dialects.

Sincere apologies!

@JonahTheBard Thanks for helping me understand I went wrong there. Jumped the gun rather than thinking more broadly (well, I hope you’re right! :slight_smile:)


Okay, I can see the usefulness of this - but how would the system know who you are trying to invite? Names in the game are not exclusive - and can be changed. For example, there could be many people playing under the name of ‘Joe’ - how will the system know which Joe you are trying to invite, especially if you have lost contact and therefore don’t know what alliance he is possibly in?
But this brings me to another question - how are other alliances going to like this? They may have a full group of good players and then their players start getting invited to join other alliances, although the players aren’t actually looking to change. I know I wouldn’t be too happy if some alliance was trying to lure away my teammates. And this leads right to your next point:

I am pretty sure this would lead to some unhappy alliances that would be very vocal on the forum about how their members were being ‘stolen’… and I could also possibly foresee that some respected players would be spammed with invites - and would most likely not be very happy about it.

As for

I don’t really see how this would affect the recruitment chat (RC) in a positive manner. At present, a player that wants to join and alliance is required to become active in some way - either to use the alliance search option or visit the RC, where they either just read along and then choose an alliance to join or they actively write in the chat room (and pandemonium ensues - at least in the chat I use). If they respond to or wait to receive invites, then there will be even less players looking for an alliance in the RC, meaning the situation in the RC will probably get worse and I think it would also reduce the amount help alliances are willing to give each other in RC. This is, in my opinion, a big factor.

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