A VERY Big Design complaint

i can not see any more, how many low detailed ugly heroes are appearing since months. Its really sad to see cool high detailed Characters as Justice or Thorne etc… beside very 2D stupid and drawn by wax crayon characters like Vodnik, Gazelle, Guardian Chameleon, Finley, Pixie, Shrubbear, Captain of Diamond, Jabberwock (looks like the big cockroach in Men in Black).
In last 1-2 years, Small Giant hired bad graphic designers. It was a shock for me, to see Mother North or Santa as a stupid enemy and ridiculous special attacks with presents :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: !!! even 3* Karil has better details and design than new shhhhitty 4* or 5* characters!
Please edit their special attacks and their details. It seems that your designers are not so talented as the beginning.

++ 2nd thing: please reduce the transparency of Animation of some special attacks like from Wilbur, because they block and cover up almost whole display(the board) and we can not see our next move on board. It costs us time against titans and in challenges!

:yawning_face: :poop:these stopped me from paying in last year. its getting so 2D and wax crayon designed like candy crush. Small Giant lost motivation for details and graphic and cool mystic features and this demotivated me to play daily or at all to pay.

hope some one reads it or reflects it to the development team.

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Bit harsh. :thinking:


Are you joking? Guardian Gazelle is gorgeous, and Jabberwock is based closely on the classic Alice in Wonderland illustrations by John Tenniel (Google it!). Pixie, I’ll grant you, is like those old saucy seaside postcards, and the Christmas characters do look rather naff. But you know, variety is the spice of life and all that.

You’re right about the animations though.

you’d hate minecraft

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There is an existing thread about the special animations interfering with titan hits.

nope. minecraft was top

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