A smart talk about combos

We all know the efficiency of simple combos like “attack increase” plus “enemy defense decrease” with 3 AOE heroes in the team.

But I want to go further and invite you to talk about really OP combos that work well in different situations…

I start…

Kalo + any hero with “taunt”.
Preferably usable in rush.
The Kalo’s stone skin makes the Taunt just as difficult to deal with as the Black Knight’s.

If you try to get around the situation by throwing stones at Kalo, it will end up activating again, which can be a very big risk when you have Mother of the North or Alberich on the enemy team.

It gets even more interesting in an offensive way, as the enemy heroes will not be able to “throw stones” in the kalo, so the player gains a lot of time to work the board.

This strategy’s weakness is the minions, as the minions’ consecutive hits also remove the stone skin. Continuous damage is also a problem, except poison, which it is Immune to.

Now it’s your turn…
Talk about a combo you like!

The gargoyle stoneskin is also countered by bypass, a few key red heroes are Alucard & Zagrog… blue there is Sobek, can have a superior talent Khagan for very high bypass + cyclops troops. Red isn’t a bad choice in rush cause there is often 2 or 3 green heroes in defenses and red has a few ailment blocker options.

Right now I am really enjoying a Brontes + Ludwig combo, once you get one rolling it is easy for Brontes to 3x charge which is another massive mana push and high mana generation and then you are in the zone to fire very very often, basically Ludwig never stops taunting and giving mana and he won’t die either cause of the constant high healing (65%).


I’m loving Hachiko and tiles. The puppy gives 50% crit chance to all allies, and then just the tiles themselves hit for hundreds of damage! Wonderful.
Pair with def down / att ups for extra unnecessary power.