A New Updated Guide for Challenge Events

I thought I’d share my Event Guide which I have been working on for ages - more than 6 months! @Kainboy, the master, has posted his event guide here on the forum which is very informative and a great read, but this was before all the events were updated. Now, events are expanded from 10 to 15 stages and mysterious chests as well as tougher bosses have been introduced.

I started this as a small project with the aim of helping alliance members to place in Events. As I have gotten more experience with events, so too has this guide been updated and expanded. My aim is that I will continue to update this guide as new heroes which have an impact on events are released, or when new strategies are discovered.

You can find the link to the event guide HERE

Good luck and happy eventing!

P/s if you want a video guide, @Uclapack has released some excellent videos on how to event which you can find on Youtube.


Super informative and useful to players of many levels, amazing work! Very well written as well, thanks for sharing this!

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@Disposable This looks like it could be helpful to share with alliance members!


this is so helpful, thanks a lot for the hard work you’ve put in. what do you think about karil with costume bonus?

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To clarify this is 3* hero Karil? He is a suitable alternative if you do not have Chick Jr. or if you happen to have him heavily emblemed. I did try Karil (both forms out) and decided that Chick is the best. Reasons that Chick is preferred:

  1. Chick has a higher TD over the vanilla Karil with costume bonus (523 vs 508)
  2. The overall damage output from the special for Chick is higher (2824 vs 2641 before defense adjustments)
  3. If you do not have c. Gunnar, Karil’s damage of ‘target and minor to nearby’ is less useful in later levels with multiple bosses with high health, while Chick will hit all targets equally
  4. You do not need to target with Chick - it saves you a second or so but every second counts!

When compared to costume Karil:

  1. c. Karil has slightly higher tile damage (527 vs 523)
  2. The special damage output is significantly lower (2529)
  3. Has all the above problems of 3 & 4
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Excellent piece of work. Many thanks for pulling this together and sharing on the forum. It’s much appreciated

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Thank you for sharing your event strategy document…!

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thanks for the reply. i asked because i didn’t have chick jr but two maxed karils. i also have c. gunnar too. sounds like not a shabby substitute for chick

Taken the guide offline as I am updating it to include all the new costumes which will shake things up a bit.


Sorry it’s taken a few days, but the event guide has been updated now with all the new shiny tools we have received in the past couple of days. As usual, the guide is free for everyone to use and can be found HERE.


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