A 4* star summon whit silver coin

Hi, in Facebook E&P group i find this picture, i think this is a photoshop fake, or is possible the summon bug?

100% fake. There is no portal in the game which can give this combination of troops and heroes. :slight_smile:


A VIP has two daily summons, and both appear on the screen like this. A 4* summon from a daily free summon is actually possible. It’s how I was gifted my first Caedmon.

Not possible, please see the in-game tool tip for details. It clearly shows that the highest available troops and heroes are of the rare varieties.

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I know that’s what it says. I checked after Caedmon appeared. My guess is that there is a rounding error in those percentages resulting in something above what is supposed to be possible. We wouldn’t notice it with other summons because there is nothing above a 4* troop or 5* hero.

Plus imagine the complaints if it was advertised as 0.0001% chance of a 4-star hero. “I never get one, RNG is rigged, these odds are horrible, boards aren’t random, buff every hero I own, etc etc.” The forum would be filled with such nonsense daily!

Except the forum is filled with such nonsense daily :rofl:

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No we are generally excused from the “RNG on pulls is horrible” threads when there’s no portal open. Like today is a quiet day. Tavern of Legends is an angry mob :joy:

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