760K Epic Villains Walk-Through (Currently 14th)

Currently 14th in Epic. Here is the walk-through for anyone interested: 760,529— (Currently 14th Place)—Epic Walk Through—League of Villains—Empires and Puzzles Books - YouTube


Nice @JekylandHyde
Thanks for sharing the walk through.
Much appreciated.


Thanks. Glad to share. That is how I learned.


I have a question. At 4:21 in video, why don’t you explode the blue diamond but use mana potion to use Jott skill instead ? Does that way will make you get better score ?

Funny x2 wrong move at 8:09 :rofl:

Anyway, thank you for share your walk-through :slightly_smiling_face:

Why so critical @u2371?! :cry:

Thanks as always for sharing @JekylandHyde


He use x5 3* red attack troop that increase cri rate. You can see at 7:39.

I believe, and I could be wrong, the purpose for sharing a walkthrough video is to show other players how they achieved those high scores. Watching 12mins of a video to look for and point out more optimal moves / mistakes :sweat: - hindsight is always 20:20. No one’s perfect…

Feel free to share your own walkthrough. I’ll give you feedback for sure :wink:.


Ok, I edit some more :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, I understand your question wrong way :rofl:

I have a problem to rank to be in top 5000 in epic without using energy fill. I ask that question because I sometime fell in to that situation. If that really make he get the better score, I will do the same as what he do :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, but in fact, these are top 10 of 1000+ playing. It is interesting that even it isn’t absolutely 100% perfect, it is still the better than the other.


Unfortunately, this is no walkthrough. It’s missing the most important part - namely the amount of replays of each level in order to get those scores. This is a very important info because without it, the whole walkthrough is misleading - for example by watching the video above, an unsuspecting player may think that all he needs is to get those heroes and make a run of the event to get similar scores. Also the number of replays (even approximate) gives the cost of WE refills in gems which will be an important factor for anyone attempting the same thing - is it worth it money-wise.


A video game walkthrough is a guide aimed towards improving a player’s skill within a particular video game and often designed to assist players in completing either an entire video game or specific elements

You are entitled to your opinion - no matter how flawed I think it is. :thinking:


Actually the top 10-1000 are rarely better than the other. It takes a great coordination, concentration and reflexes in order to be able to make good decisions very fast and press on the right buttons, and very few players actually have those. What we see here is the equivalent of multiple “load-game” button in a PC game. We all did that at one time or another - play a game on PC, die or have bad score, reload, repeat as many times as you want until you are satisfied. Unfortunately in E&P the “load-game” button is a paid one - these are the WE 100-gem refills at the shop. Of course, if you are allowed to reload numerous times, you will get far better results compared to someone who didn’t reload at all or reloaded once or twice only, however this doesn’t make you a better player. Hence, it’s dubious to learn from such sources IMO.

The biggest points in the game come from the combination/match score. Setting off that diamond would be adding a move and would have drastically cut the score. Ideally we want to win with only one move, a big combo, or two moves if there is a chest.

Diamonds are saved for the boss stage for maximum tile damage.

All the more reason to save tiles/diamonds for the boss wave.

Some members are often unpleasant. Some people feel better by trying to tear other players down. I prefer to feel better by pulling other players up.

My pleasure. I enjoy sharing/helping!

Asking a question is great. Telling someone they played “wrong” is not very pleasant. … if a player is struggling to be in the top 5000, it might be better to ask question to learn rather than ask quesitons to insult.

@Saros I have plenty of live video of me replaying (As do tons of other top challenge event players). If anyone can watch the video and think that was all done in one time through then they do not know enough about E&P and/or challenge events to ever score high enough to be competitive.

As for this being misleading, opinions vary. For players shooting for top spots and/or trying to learn the patterns to score high this clearly shows the patterns and order of play that I use on my best runs.

Seeing others video walkthroughs is precisely how I learned to be competitive.

And I repeat myself, some players only feel good when putting others down. I find that @Saros continued attacks on me say much more about their character than mine.

… and yet I have placed in the top 10 of half of the Ninja towers and in the top 40 of all of the Ninja Towers

Tell us more about the unlimited reloads …

As always, @Saros, darts are thrown at me, but ultimately say more about your character than mine.



20 carry on JekylandHyde :+1:


Oh my goodness… :sweat:.

And then you counter with…

Really? :exploding_head::dizzy_face:

The walkthrough wasn’t produced by just anyone :thinking:. Lacking important info … In your opinion. FWIW there are many such walkthroughs all over the forum.

I for one appreciate players who share their recorded event battles for others to view. They don’t have to, but they do so to benefit the general player community - alas you can’t please everyone.

Feel free to record and share your own event walkthrough, putting into practise all the suggestions you’re making now - which are difficult to put in place in retrospect.

Keep in mind…



Thank you very much for tell the key point. It look like the “Match Bonus” is really directly relate to “average number of combo per turn”. That is why if you set off that diamond it will drastically cut the score. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, I also do that too :slightly_smiling_face:

That is my misunderstood about @Sarah2 's question :sweat_smile:

I am sorry if that make you feel unpleasant. Since I am not native English speaker. Sometimes, the word I use make people unpleasant because I use kind of wrong way to say without knowing it. It is rare but can happen for non-native English speaker. I don’t intentionally to make anyone feel unpleasant or insult anyone. Sorry.

And I actually want to share some fun thing instead. That x2 wrong move make me laugh while I watch your video. Maybe, it is only me who feel funny. Sorry for that.


Thanks for sharing. What surprises me is how many chests you had. I finished all levels in R/E/L and got three chests altogether. I’m envious :wink:

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You apology is accepted and appreciated. All the respect in the world for you for speaking more than one language. It is a gift. Best wishes.


The chests are found/hunted by replaying levels over and over and over and over … it takes a lot of time and flasks. Short answer to high scores is Chest + Big Combos + do not mess it up! :slight_smile:


In next time, could you post the video of your whole walk-through which include every time that you replay the level ? I think there are many people want to see how many times you replay to get that good board :slightly_smiling_face:

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Gosh no, that would be extremely boring. I don’t need to see what a bad board looks like, I don’t need to see a player fumble a good move - I can just play myself for all that. Let’s by all means just cut to how a good run works. It may be helpful to be reminded how many reruns the top players do on average, if only to stop us lower achievers feeling inadequate; but watch them, no no no. (Speaking only for myself obviously.)