5s heros vs Ascension materials

What’s your guys luck on this? Damn near every titan I get some sort of ascending item, but I have the worst luck at getting 5s heros to use on. There is a lady in my alliance who is the exact opposite of me. She has damn near every single hero, but she has the worst luck in getting the materials to ascend them.

Anyone like that too? Are you either getting all the materials you need to ascend, but not getting the heros or getting the heros and not getting the materials?

The last 5s I got in the past 4 months was another Knight. Sure, I have a bunch of s1 heros I could use them on, but I would rather hold out for either Atlantis or s3.

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I don’t have quite the surplus that you have. Here’s what I’m looking at:

11x Damascus Blades, 17x Tome of Tactics - so I’m set with the generics for a whle

4x Farsight Telescope - with 2x Richard (with costumes) and 1x Magni at 3-70 waiting for a couple more… but I’m trying to decide if I should save up for a while in the hopes of getting Lord Loki later on, and I’d rather not have to keep waiting if I do get lucky enough to get him.

6x Mysterious Tonic - with only Elkanen currently at 3-70 waiting, I think I can do better so I’m holding off on using them.

6x Mystic Rings - with Elena at 3-70 and Noor leveling up to 3-70 right now, but I’m not too enthusiastic about ascending either of them… I don’t like Slow heroes, especially weak Slow heroes. :wink:

6x Poison Darts - with Ranvir sitting at 3-70, and I just got Norns recently (still at 1-1)… but in Yellow, I’m really hoping for Odin or Thor eventually.

4x Royal Tabards - I have way too many Purple options: Seshat and Clarissa #1 at 3-70… and Clarissa #2 and #3 at 1-1, but I’ll probably level them eventually. And I have Sartana & Obakan both at 3-70 also, but unlikely they’ll be in the running for a while. Maybe I’ll ascend Sartana before Clarissa #2

I’m actually getting to the point where I don’t have all that much left to finish off leveling, so I’m worried I’ll reach a point where I won’t be able to stick with strictly 1* feeders for some of these that I want max skill by 3-70, in case I don’t ascend them. But I guess that’s an OK problem to have. :wink:

Good gaming!

I have a couple of thoughts.

  1. That’s kind of the way randomness works. Some will get more of materials, some more heroes. And when you get down to color specificity, it can get worse. Personally, I have 13 Mysterious Tonics and no Green heroes to use them on. In fact, I have no Green heroes to work on period, outside of Friar Tuck’s costume which is almost done, and maybe a second Muggy - both are 3*. I lack Poison Darts to ascend any of the 5* Yellow I have parked at 3.70, and no other Yellow heroes to work on.

  2. That’s not that big of a supply of 4* ascension materials. Once you get some 5* heroes, you will find yourself short at times for sure. For the longest time I had no Red heroes worth leveling up, then I would get a 3* or something. I finally got Elena from TC20, and was happy Then I got Noor in the same week. My supply of 10 Mystic Rings went from an increasing collection gathering dust, to insufficient in a matter of days.

  3. There are folks in my alliance that have lots of unleveled heroes, including many HOTM, but they are spenders who, so they tend to lack materials. I feel that spenders will tend to lack materials, as more people spend on hero pulls than on material acquisitions.

Good luck getting heroes, but don’t stop gathering materials, you will need them.

Meh I stopped spending money in the game a few months ago and only do the free pulls it gives me for completing stuff, so I don’t plan on anything great coming my way. Only thing I’m looking forward to is HA10. Already in level 5, but I’ll get it there in the next couple months lol

Based on your inventory, your log jam is tomes. You have to stop at 3.

I think the difference here is f2p/c2p vs. p2p. I’m cheap to play and am similar to you. I gave 3 Damascus blades - today’s quest will give me four. I have two new heroes to ascend, Freya and Noor. After that are a bunch of s1 dupes or less desirable. Yet I’m sitting with 18 poison darts.

So in other words, pick your poison. :man_shrugging:

I’m like you lots of mats and haven’t pulled a 5 except classics in the past 250 or so

@Deeznutzshawty @Fizban

How many legendary heroes have you ascended on the last tier? Number of months playing? I am asking since the drops may have correlation to the number of heroes maxed to the player’s length of time playing the game. No solid data though.

In 27 months playing, I have 30 distinct heroes cards in their 4th tier already (not even half of what some elite players here have), some of them including their costumes. My least obtained ascension material is the mysterious tonic (only got 39 total, 30 consumed). My other ascension mats unused in my inventory are 1 farsight telescope (7 legendary blues in 4th tier), 20 mystic rings (6 legendary reds in 4th tier), 16 poison darts (6 legendary yellows in 4th tier), and 9 royal tabards (6 legendary purples in 4th tier). It’s a good thing Alchemy Lab level 20 was able to minimize the imbalance between my stock of damascus blades and tome of tactics. As for unusued unfarmable rare ascension materials, my least amount of stock is 44 for hidden blades while 58 is the most number in my inventory for the warm capes, but i have over 50 maxed epic heroes.

I have some 4* mats

But I’m very unlucky, I’m getting literally 1 not vanilla 5* in every year of playing

And I have 15 5* at 1^01 and I just don’t want max them beacuse they are Horghalls, Elenas and Obakans mostly

I’m thinking about maxing second Magni and Azlar but I don’t need then right now

I’ve been playing for about 23 months now, and I have a total of 17 maxed 5-star heroes: 3 Purple, 3 Yellow, 4 Blue, 4 Green, 3 Red.

For other mats, I have 21 Compass, 13 Gloves as the generics, then:
16 Hidden Blades, 20 Orbs, 28 Shields, 23 Tools, 15 Capes

I feel like I’ve ascended quite a few 4* though… just counted them up, I have 48 maxed 4* with a handful of those also having maxed costumes. I’ve reached the point where if I get a new one (like recently acquired Mireweave), I can pretty much be assured that I can ascend them without thinking about whether I need to save the Warm Capes for some other project. I’m not quite to that point with 5* yet, so I need to be careful with my decisions on which 5* to ascend.

Good gaming!

Think I’ve been playing for about 2 years now. I’ll have 15 fully leveled 5s when I figure out if I want tel or zeline to use materials on.

Yeah I have probably 8 or 9 5s dup’s I don’t want to use materials on. Waiting to see what HA 10 has to offer.

The only 4* mats I get are from special quests, POV, or with my credit card. I recently went 82 days without getting a single mat from any source except those I just mentioned. That includes titans and titan chests (and I’m always A or A+ on 11-13*), wars and war chests, Mystic vision, elemental chests (7 of those without a 4* mat), and monster and hero chests (and I get at least a couple of each every day due to skipping).

Right now I have exactly 1 Tonic, and Tabard, 2 Scopes, 3 Rings and 5 Darts.

Current heroes waiting at 3/70 are–
Purple - Sartana, Grimble, Domitia, Obakan and Quintus.
Yellow - Onatel, Ranvir, Malosi, Justice, Delilah, Leonidas and Neith.
Blue - Raffaele, Isarnia (+Costume) and Thorne.
Green - Kadilen, Horghall.
Red - Lady Loki, JF, Grazul2 and Azlar (+Costume).

I have a bunch of 5* just waiting at 1/1 as well. It is extremely frustrating.

After that 82-day dry spell, I had a week where I got 4 mats in a week, and was finally able to ascend 4 of my 5s, but after that, I am on another 37 days without a mat. Very frustrating.

LIke fizban, I can ascend any 4* I get if I want to. The only 3* mat I am even close to running out of are sturdy shields, and I have 14 of those.

It is normal what is happening.
If you spend money in the game, you will have lots of 5* but few materials.

If you are free to play you will have lots of 5* season 1 that you don’t want to waste materials on, and almost no other 5* hero to level. So you end up with too many materials and too few 5* heroes.

With the actual % it’s easier to get one 5* hero than the eighth 4* materials you need to level it.

I get a B and get a scope. I get something damn near every titan. Idk why I’m so lucky getting materials, but so unlucky getting heros.

My first 5* (Joon) is stuck at 2/60 waiting for Orbs. I just got TC20 a few weeks ago and I now have two more 5s but I haven’t even touched them yet. Materials have definitely been a limiting factor for me. I have several 4s at or near 3/60 and I have to decide how two use my limited ascension mats on them.

I have a good distribution of 4* mats but tabards.
They are so scarce to me , and purple is my crowed colour on 5* stars. So i have some nice purple 5* that remain untouched like Clarissa , grimble and aeron. Already maxed Ursena

I have lots of tonics but im unlucky and ive never pulled a green 5*.

Now im working on two 5* , at least to 3.70 C.richard and Roc . Im always doubtful about maxing 5* because once you do the mats are gone .

Telescopes i have 8 and Vela maxed. Thinking about maxing C.Richard

Darts i have 6 so it fits perfect to max Roc , but not sure about this . Already maxed Joon

Lastly, im waiting for two more rings to max Grazul, my only maxed red is JF.

Another A on a 12*, another typical Battle Manual and 3 gems. Again no mats. Also another elemental chest, no 4* mats yet again.

And, on whim, I decided to use a single EHT, and pulled Lianna. Yet another 5* that is going to sit on the bench for a while…

Another scope. 2 in 3 or 4 days. Please game, send me some new heros lolScreenshot_20200808-143117

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4* mats are too plentiful

@Deeznutzshawty @Fizban

Yeah. Well, I may become one of the thousands of players who have their heroes stuck in the 3rd tier patiently waiting for the ascension mats. The game ain’t giving me anymore epic ascension items from regular monster, raid, titan, war chests for several months now and even the elemental chests and raid tourney rewards is full of :poop:. I get them from Mystic Vision nowadays.

@Checker Nice inventory. How many 5* do you have ascended to the 4th tier already?