33 Titans killed in 3.25 hours to complete POV

I had 89 Titan flasks to burn … only used 11 of them to complete POV titan missions.






Not sure if I like this kind of game play, but I feel like it is a good sample for SG to reduce the maximum Titan count to 1-2 per day.


As long as all of that mercing was welcomed… I have no problem with it.

By “welcomed” I mean… either the alliance specifically asked for a merc to help them kill their titan… or you told them when you joined, “I’m just here to merc, is it cool if I kill your guys’ titan?” and they said “yeah, sure, go for it”.

Otherwise? Ehhhh…

All the more reason to set alliances to “invite only”.

Congrats if you accomplished that with full consent of the other teams.


What would be the reason to reduce the Titan count to one or tow per day? That might negatively impact players completing POV and alliances that request merc assistance.

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I had three players that were actively searching for alliances looking for mercs to help make the time goal as I was shooting for 30 titans in 3 hours.

Some of the titans were found by hen-picking open alliances which, by the very nature of being open, is granting permission for other players to enter and participate. There is no restriction on that and if an alliance doesn’t want mercs then they can easily close the door.

Frankly, I do not understand why any alliance stays open as that has to be the worst recruiting method. I can’t imagine starting a small business and leaving the front door open to any worker that wants to show up and be part of the team.


Fair enough. Yeah, if they left the door open, they are allowing anyone to waltz in and kill their titans.

I keep my alliance’s door locked tight. I’m not anti-merc, but would only let one in if majority of my team agreed that we wanted outside help.

Well, happy hunting. :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe I’ll tag you if I’m ever looking for a merc.


For further information - my first alliance regularly recruited mercs on purpose. Because we had 30 members and only about half of them were “reliable” all the time. When it would come down to 2 hours left and titan almost dead and nobody online has any flags… it’s merc time.

My current alliance? Not an issue. We string 8* titans, usually let the 9s go. Several of us have flasks in storage. Ideally I want every member to have a chance to hit first. I don’t like killing titans in the first 12 hours; that prevents others from getting loot and also increases the chances of us having to fight a stronger titan the next time.

But hey, you know what… I absolutely hate Ancient Tigers. Next time we pop one of those… if some merc wants to take a few swings at it? Totally cool with me. Because I’d rather not waste flasks on a titan that’s just going to kill me once I finally get some decent tiles on my board. :laughing: Tiger whisperers wanted!


Thanks for that reply :slight_smile: … and, for what it’s worth, with the exception of the one single-shot +200K hit, I was only mercing Titans with 150K or less left. It’s not like I was coming and slaying the entire beast. :slight_smile:


Also, like you said, they left the door open.

I don’t condone uninvited mercs, but if you leave your alliance open? You’re not only letting in unwanted mercs, but also possibly trolls and spies. I really can’t think of any good reason to have an open alliance ever.

My alliance, I like it when every member has a chance to hit every titan. But even in a closed alliance? Sometimes the titan gets killed before some people have a chance to hit it.

On the one hand, I feel bad. On the other hand? “Hey, if you want a guaranteed shot at it, maybe don’t wait until the last minute next time.” :man_shrugging:

We do usually try to let everyone get a chance to hit every titan, but when it comes down to the last few hours and we’re not sure who is going to show or not…

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The only thing that i see is that you have burned some flasks. Thats ok you have still a bunch of them.
Is there a necessity of rushing the titan mision? I mean, you put yourself in fast speed mode to rush something that can be acomplished slowly through the days.

Are you in alliance or you usually merc?


I am in a Top 100 alliance and I rarely ever merc.

I really enjoy pushing the limits of the game and my alliance is very supportive of my efforts to push the game and do research for my books and YouTube channel. That said, they know I venture out once in a while.

I create challenges for myself: At the beginning of the year, I managed a +100K single shot on all 30 different Titans in 30 days (in addition to the 14* my alliance kills every day). This effort was to see if I could kill shot 30 titans in 3 hours. I ended up adding 3 on to finish valor.

I also did a +410K single titan hit which I needed to leave my alliance to attempt as that was not going to happen on a 14*.

The only other reason to rush this was I really wanted to grab more Monk emblems before war this week. I will be venturing out to try something new in war this week and I wanted those emblems before I do so.


Sometimes people accomplish things just to accomplish them.

I can’t think of any good reason to climb Mount Everest, but people do it all the time just to be able to say that they did. LOL


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