3* hero's read Max but the level button is still lit up

I have some 3* heros that are maxed and read 50 but the level button is still lit up. I tried adding a few more 1&2* heros but nothing happens. What can I do?

Are the specials on these heroes at 8 / 8 levels?


The reason you can still level up is because your abilities aren’t maxed.

It’s certainly because their special are not maxed 8/8. If you add, not some more heros, but five 2* or ten 1* same color, special will gain +1


Why does it say maxed then? I even added 3 or 4 more people and it didn’t change.

3 or 4 may not be enough to get a special skillup.

Once at max player level but not yet at 8/8 special skill, level ups provide quintuple (5x) the chance. This was changed with the 18.1 release. Previously you were stuck with a gimped hero. So, try feeding 10 1* heroes, 5 2* heroes, or a mix thereof to get to 100% chance.

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