3* defense for new raid tournament idea

Hi everyone,

Just working on my defense for the upcoming raid tournament. Rule is 3*, all color, all heroes cherge very fast mana

That is my idea:

Brienne for berserk +attack, kailani with spirit link for amplify Brienne effect, gill-ra clean allies and attack and defense debuff for enemy, bane as hitter and hawkmoon as healer.

With this layout i can also use 2 flank strong color against the tank.

Only point i’m not sure is about using only one hitter.

Thinking of countering this layout, attackers absolutely need to take belith for clean the defense and she have no blue oppenent then less useful, for Gill-ra on very fast i belive will need yellow double. Then you have only two spot left for countering yellow flanks and the corners.

I think this to be a good defense for this kind of tournament. What you think?

Thanks for all suggestion!

Healers are more useful on left wing to heal first. Brienne as tank to get better profit from her buff and she’s your strongest.

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Nice tip to think about healing first, i was thinking it was better to use before brienne this way i’ll go attack up, defense up and sharing, defense down and attack down and then hit with Bane and then heal.

I was thinkin too to use Brienne as tank, only thing was that i think gill-ra fits better to tank two yellows flank

But on 3* level there isn’t anyone who could reflect/counterattack! :slight_smile:
With Belith it could have been better to put her in the left but for Hawkmoon that spot would fit her pretty well.

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That looks okay. The big weakness I’m noting is that Bane is the only offensive hitter there. If he goes down, the team becomes pretty passive.

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Yeah you’re right that was my biggest issue too, if I have to face this defence my first goal will be take out Bane asap.

Only problem i don’t have many options for more hitter: Azar, Balthazar and Graymane

Was maybe thinking to substitute Hawkmoon with Azar and defend without healer hoping that Kailani link and defense up, with gill-ra attack down wold be enought for defending enought time for take all attackers down. But i’m not really liking that option.

Maybe take Kailani out for another hitter, but i’ll lose defense up, link (to max the gain from Brienne berserker), and also the color placement i was thinking to try.

With only Bane, that team is toothless. I’d stack purple, knock out Bane first, then pick the others off at leisure

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Maybe power level Kailani to max then make her tank, flank w gil-ra and balthazar, brienne and bane on wings?

Gil-Ra is a beast with this ruleset…I’m probably taking her on every attack regardless of colors…she should be good on defense too. I think a lot of people will underestimate her.

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Yes gil ra will rock tomorrow!

In my rosters, Gil-Ra is not yet levelup, I will leveling Gil-Ra after Balthazar maxed.

For OP, just like the other said, need at least two hitters.
My defense setup is:
Namahage - Belith - Gunnar - Chochin - Bane

It may be worth bringing Balthazar instead of Kailani then, if you can’t max her by then. Brienne + Spirit Link will be great this time around since both are the same speed (thus easier to coordinate and fire at the same time) but with her current level she’ll go down quite fast.

I’m actually trying to max Kailani, now is 3.30 i belive i can reach max in a few hours.

Really tempted about putting in Azar instead of Hawkmoon and defend with no healer. For my thinking i really want to try out the trio Brienne,Kailani and Gill-Ra that on very fast could be a deadly trio in 3* only.


If you use those three and had your pick of any 3* other than seasonal heroes, who would you choose?

Brienne / Kailani / Gil-Ra / ? / ?

@DaveCozy @NPNKY @Olmor @Blorenz

Hope this will work, but the main problem is going out after 4 losses, not the defense :upside_down_face:

Only healer that have a clean/cleanse or boldtusk effect, in hawkmoons case it doesn’t matter on d., if I am thinking correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry, if you’re against reposte attacking heroes it could matter! :thinking:

In this particular tournament (all heroes are very fast) I would use Ulcer and Jahangir.

Assuming all of them were emblemed at reasonable amounts of nodes to stand on defense:

Brienne | Kailani | Gill-Ra | Gato | Jahangir

Would be my team. Precisely because it’s very fast Gato’s shield would be useful blocking fireballs.

Although if I were to use Brienne + Spirit Link user, I’d personally just drop Gill-Ra in favor of Ulmer. He’s an attacker that drops defense by the same amount and it lasts 6 turns as opposed to 4:

Ulmer | Brienne | Kailani | Cho-chin | Hawkmoon

That’s actually what I’d do, again assuming they were all leveled and emblemed at reasonable amounts to stand in a defense team. Because they’re not, you can check my team here

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@DaveCozy, why you choose Belith on wing, is there any advantage for this tournament? I’m using Belith as flank. You can see here.

It was either Belith or Hawkmoon for defense. At very fast speed, the healer is more likely to fire wherever she is, the corner makes it harder to kill her with tiles, but the flank makes it more likely to fire. There is no wrong choice.

I went with Green | Red | Blue for the left side; the hero on the back has synergy against tile damage of the strong color for the hero in front. The idea I had was to put Gunnar with a red hero behind, in order to soak up stray green tiles and charge the skill quickly. I debated doing:

Green hitter | Hawkmoon | Gunnar


Belith | Red hitter | Gunnar

And went with the latter. But TBH I’m still debating it. I chose Namahage because at very fast his skill is pretty powerful and can hit when boosted with his berserker attack boost, and my Jahangir is not emblemed.

Still have some time to mull it over.

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